Hydraulic Metal Shear for sale

Many users don’t know how to install and set metal shear for sale when first use it. Take guillotine shearing machine for 6mm/4000mm sheet metal cutting as an example, we analyze the plate shears preparation for usage.

CNC Hydraulic Shearing Machine 6mm / 4000mm Manual Instruction

How to install and set hydraulic shear machine correctly?

There are mounting holes on the top of the machine. Pay attention to the selection of appropriate steel wire and lifting equipment in accordance with the mechanical weight. Accidents can occur when lifting operations are not correct.

Machine foundation

The surface around the machine must be strong and the depth depends on the conditions.

Plate Shearing Machine installation

During installation, remove the protection from the machine tray and adjust the equipment to the correct height. Set rules on the plane. Use levers to adjust vertically and horizontally, taking into account space of less than 0.2mm per 1000mm length. Right and left must be the same. The basic depth of the machine installation depends on the surface used (not less than 500mm). The installation is done in two steps. 15 days from the date of the first payment, the machine will be based on it and adjusted horizontally. Set the screws and adjust the iron blanket for the second payment. 48 hours after the operation, adjust and tighten the screws horizontally.

Metal Shear for Sale 6mm 4000mm Setting and Operation Preparation for Use

  • Clean the oil dirt on the mechanical surface and check whether all bolts tightened.
  • Fill with lubricating oil.
  • Clean and fill the oil tank with common hydraulic oil L-HL 46 model.
  • The machine must be installed on a fixed surface, connected to the power supply, and operated at 380V/50Hz current.
  • Tighten all the nuts connecting the hydraulic pipes.
  • Before the machine delivered, the different valves are correctly and firmly locked. Do not adjust the lever freely to avoid any abnormal behavior or loss.
  • The air pressure of the battery is adjusted to 5 ~ 6Mpa, not adjusted except in special circumstances.

Test Running

  • Voltage and turn switch.
  • Press the engine button and start the metal shear for sale main engine. Inspect the engine (use the same axis as with the oil pump) and verify that the direction of rotation of the engine is consistent with the direction of movement of the oil pump. If not, change the data input. Do not change the internal connection. Once in line, start the main engine.
  • When the steel cutting blade bundle is at the bottom dead point, reinstall it.
    • Turn the switch on the side panel to choose the function.
    • Press the oil filling button and the angle increase button, adjust the filling pressure up to 16-18 MPa and let it sink 2-3 seconds.
    • Release the angle increase button and then the oil filling button, return the blade beam.
    • Turn on the switch for the cut function.
  • Rotate the handle according to the thickness of the board and adjust the blade gap.
  • Adjusting the distance of rear stopper according to the length of steel plate.
  • Once the front action completed, press the pedal to start cutting.
  • When the machine runs abnormally or you want to stop, press the red button “emergency stop”.
  • Once the machine is running in a load operation or not, you can switch to production mode. If machine operation is abnormal, correct the problem and reset in production mode.