100ton Hydraulic CNC Press Brake Bending Process

According to Hydraulic CNC Press Brakes manufacturer, when it comes to noise, it’s a headache for users. So how can we solve the noise problem of hydraulic bending machines?

CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine Noise Problems and Solutions

Noise reduction of sound source

  • Improve the production process and select low noise hydraulic press brakes.
  • Promote the machining and assembly accuracy to reduce the noise caused by mechanical vibration and conflict.
  • For high-pressure and high-speed air flow, the pressure difference and flow rate should be reduced. Or the shape of air flow nozzle should be changed.

Control on the way

  • The overall layout designed reasonably:

When arranging the plane design of plant conditions, the user shall keep the main noise source bendingmachines workshop or equipment away from the workshop, laboratory, office, etc. with quiet requirements.

  • Or concentrate the high noise metal plate bending equipment as much as possible to facilitate the operation.
  • Add barriers to prevent hydraulic press brake noise transmission.
  • Use the directivity of the sound source to control the noise.

Hydraulic Cnc press brakes protection of the recipient

  • Carry out personal protection for pressbrake workers. Such as wearing earplugs, earmuffs, helmets and other anti noise articles.
  • Adopt workers rotation operation to shorten the working time of hydraulic cnc press brakes workers entering high noise environment.

CNC sheet metal bending machine is a new large machine. Its high precision favored by many people. Also, we can adopt flexible operation mode. It can solve the problem of long plate processing by two machines. Moreover, we can operate and process in a single machine. That effectively improves the utilization rate and reduces the energy consumption. The compensation is automatically adjusted by the numerical control system, convenient and accurate. According to the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of bending machine, customers choose the appropriate CNC press brake to maximize the benefits!