CNC Steel Metal Plate Shears Machine Operation

What is Steel Metal Plate Shears oil road arrangement? How to optimize hydraulic oil circuit?

Hydraulic Plate Shear Machine Oil Circuit Structure

The oil circuit system of steel shearing machine mainly composed of oil block, at least four groups of cylinders, pressing block and tension spring.

  • The main oil circuit is set in the oil separation block.
  • One end of the main oil circuit connected with the oil supply system.
  • The oil distribution block also provided with a parallel oil distribution circuit arranged with the same number of oil cylinders.
  • Each group of oil cylinders vertically connected to the lower end of the oil separation block.
  • The cylinder block of each group of oil cylinders firmly connected with the oil dividing block.

Hydraulic Oil and Cylinder Working Principle

  • The upper end of the piston rod of each group of oil cylinders are opposite to oil distribution channel.
  • The lower end of each piston rod linked to a pressing block.
  • The material pressing block and the cylinder block of the oil cylinder connect with a tension spring.
  • The high-pressure oil enters into the oil separation block, then distributed to each cylinder.
  • The high pressure oil pushes the piston rod down, thus pushing the pressing block to press the plate.
  • During the return trip, the oil unloaded firstly, and the spring rebound starts to reset the pressing block.

How to improve utilization rate and prolong service life of steel metal plate shears?

The blade of plate shearingmachine is the key part of metal cut. The cutting of hydraulic plate shear must depend on the gap and quality between the blades to cut the plates with different thickness.

  • Secondly, we should pay attention to adjust the wear parameters between the parts

In the long-term use process, we should notice the circular arc swing of hydraulic shear and the gap between the screw rods. In addition, automatic or manual component adjustments are necessary. The adjustment of the parameters, especially the parameters of CNC machine tool, can greatly improve the processing accuracy of hydraulic guillotine shear.

  • Finally, the maintenance of the power system is also very important for Shearchy guillotine shears

The power system is the key to the operation of the whole shearing machines. It is the determinant of the normal use and using life of all components. If the stability of the shear dynamic system cannot effectively improved, it will have a great impact on steel metal plate shears other accessories.