Steel Metal CNC Hydraulic Plate Shear Machine for sale

CNC Shear Machine is common equipment in machining. So, it is necessary for sheet metal factory to be familiar with and understand. Only with a comprehensive understanding of the shearing machine can it be successfully used in plate forming. Thus, users will get the desired expected effect and good economic benefits.

Metal Steel Shearing Machine Throat Depth and Surface Roughness

What is the throat depth of plateshearing machine?

From a professional point of view, throat depth refers to the distance between the blade edge and the wallboard in the guillotine shears. The shear angle refers to the angle formed by the upper and the lower blades.

How to realize the synchronization of plate shears hydraulic cylinder?

In order to realize the synchronization of the hydraulic shears’ cylinder, plate shearingmachine manufacturer usually add the control valve. In the type of valve, it can be divided valve, speed control valve, etc.

Roughness of shearing surface of plate shear

The specific requirements for the roughness of CNC shear machine plate cutting surface are related to the cutting surface of steel cutter blades and the work pieces. Moreover, the roughness requirements of the two shear surfaces are different. The roughness standard of blade cutting surface is Ra 0.8-1.6.

How to avoid the problem: cnc shear machine light not aligned correctly?

In the hydraulic plate shear machines, to avoid the inaccurate alignment of the light, we can analyze from two aspects.

  • For one thing, ensure the correct and standardized operation of operators.
  • For another, it is to ensure the quality of equipment and use effect. Don’t use unqualified products.

With the continuous improvement of requirements in various fields, high-speed, high-precision, energy-saving, silent is the future development trend of CNC steel metal shears and CNC hydraulic press brake industry. Choosing to buy high configuration sheet metal equipment can not only improve work efficiency, but also save labor costs.