Steel Plate Bending Roll Machine Photo

Large Roll Bending Machine for shipbuilding, we can divide them into 2 types:

Symmetrical and Level-down sheet metal rolling machines.

Symmetrical Plate Bending Roller Machine

Among them, the earliest research of the plate rolling machine is symmetrical roll machine. This type three rolls of machine are symmetrically distributed, and both the upper and lower rolls are with crossbeams and supporting rolls. Generally, two lower rollers have independent driving device. Generally, symmetrical marine reeling machine can roll conical or arc work pieces with a central angle of 180 degrees; the length of work pieces must be between 8 meters and 21 meters, and can not roll the whole circle. The disadvantage of the metal roller is that it has no pre-bending function and has large straight edges.

Large Metal Plate Rollers for Shipbuilding

Super large roll bending machine is the necessary equipment for manufacturing large ships. It is also the largest sheet metal roller in the world at present.

Because of the high technology content, many technical difficulties and large development funds, many domestic forging machine tool manufacturers have no strength to break through the technology of super large winder. At first, the technology gap in the industry, domestic shipbuilding enterprises can only rely on imports. But the price is very expensive, which is really unacceptable to the general users.

Finally, with through continuous research and development and learning, now some professional plate roller manufacturers  have launched this product, such as Wuxi Shenchong plate roller manufacturer.

Large Steel Plate Roll Machine Development

With the continuous development of shipbuilding industry, the level down steel pate roller machine came out. The plate roll bending machine makes up for the shortcomings of the previous generation of symmetrical roll machines. It has pre-bending function and higher working accuracy. The upper roll of the horizontal down roller rises and falls vertically and the lower roll moves horizontally. The upper and lower rollers are equipped with crossbeams and supporting rollers, and are not equipped with the dumping bearing body. In general, two lower rollers equip with an independent driving device. It can roll arc or taper work piece with a center angle below 180 degrees. The length of the work piece must be between 8 meters and 21 meters. And the remaining straight edges are small.

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