Hydraulic Plate Shears Common Troubleshoot

Plate Shear Machine coupling is an important parts in the equipment. What should the users notice when selecting the coupling in the hydraulic shears?

CNC Hydraulic Plate Shearing Machine
CNC Hydraulic Plate Shearing Machine

Guidelines for CNC Plate Shearing Machines Coupling Selection

Wuxi Shearchy professional sheet metal shears supplier reminds the customer in the selection of hydraulic shear machines coupling, should pay attention to:

  • Note the mechanical characteristics of the shearing machine

This parameter has certain influence on the whole transmission system. Therefore, the dynamic coefficients of plate shear machine with different mechanical characteristics are also different.

The dynamic coefficient is one of the important factors affecting the coupling. So, the selection of coupling should be carried out according to the size of coefficient.

  • Pay attention to the difference of material

The allowable linear speed and the size of the outer edge of the couplings made of different materials are also quite different. Moreover, we have to determine it by careful calculation.

Plate Shearing Machine Backgauge
Plate Shearing Machine Backgauge

Some Notices in Using Hydraulic Plate Shear Machines

  • The oil in the metal shears should keep proper viscosity.

Not too large nor too small. If the viscosity is too high, the resistance in the pipeline will increase, resulting in energy loss and so on. But its viscosity is too small, it will affect the lubrication of equipment. So it’s appropriate.

  • Keep the machine clean and tidy.

No dust and dirt, etc. If so, we should remove them in time.

  • Maintain the rusty or exposed parts of the metal shears machinery.

Do a good job of anti-rust measures to avoid rust.

  • Safety Tips

Metal plate shearing machine is a relatively large equipment. It is also difficult to operate. Therefore, the operation of shears is generally for some experienced personnel to carry out. Then, steel shear machine manufacturer recommends that use 2 to 3 workers to operate the machine. In the case of only one person, it is better not to work.

If you have any questions about the price and parameters of CNC plate shears, you can contact us at any time!