3 roll plat e roller bending machine for sale

Plate Roller machine is a kind of equipment which uses working roller to make sheet metal bending. Because of different use areas, the type of plate rolling machine is also different. From the number of rolls, the current mainstream machine can be divided into three roll and four roll plate bending rollers.

What is the difference between three-roller and four-roller plate rolling machines?

Mechanical 3 – roll Rolling Machines Classification:

Three – roll symmetrical bending roller and three – roll asymmetric bending rolls.

Differences in appearance:
  • 3-roll symmetrical plate bending machine has one roller on the top and two rollers on the bottom. It is whole symmetrical.
  • 3-roll asymmetric rolling machine has two rollers on one side and one roll on the other side. But the length of the roll is symmetrical.

Shearchy Advantages of 3 Roller Bending Machines

  1. Simple structure and convenience operation.
  2. Also it can correct the defects such as skew and wrong side when rolling.
  3. After one feeding, the machine can complete the sheet end prebending and rolling forming.

From the name, the visible difference between three and four metal roller is that one has three working rolls and the other has four working rolls. However, one more roller results in the great difference of the motion mechanism between them.

The working principle of 4 – roller metal rolling machinery

  • The upper roller is the main driving part. It is connected with the lower roller through reducer and cross slider coupling. So it provides the torque for the rolled sheet.
  • The lower roller is used for vertical lifting movement to clamp the plate. And it is mechanical transmission.
  • The four working rollers all use movable bearings.

Shearchy Four Roller Metal Bending Machine Advantages

  1. High rolling precision, efficiency and capacity.
  2. Small straight edge of pre-bending. Roll taper work piece with full generatrix.
  3. Rollers moving position control by computer.

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