CNC Guillotine Plate Steel Metal Shearing Machine back look

Metal Shears compared with the past, China machine tools have made great progress in accuracy and stability. Shearchy plate shears are durable. After many years of use, it can still maintain good accuracy.

Good Quality Metal Shearing Machine for Sale

Although shearing machines made by other small manufacturers did meet the factory processing needs at first. After a few years use, the accuracy of these machine tools will be reduced. Good quality metal shears from professional shearing machine manufacturers is more durable and stable than them.

Why Shearchy plate shears can keep accuracy after many years of use?

  • Metal Shears Design

First of all, design is the soul of metal shearing precision. Good design is the foundation of shearing machine accuracy. Thus, high rigidity and high reliability should be considered in the design.

  • Machine Tool Casting

Second, the casting is the skeleton of metal shear machine. Because machine body is the key to bear the cutting torque and distributed vibration force. It is the foundation of the stability of the whole machine. Our technicians are very careful in purchasing castings. Many casting purchasing personnel are senior personnel in casting industry or have received special higher education. Without good castings, even with the best spindle and blade, the precision of plate shear is difficult to maintain.

  • Shear Machine Control System

Finally, the system affects the working accuracy of hydraulic shears. Advanced and reliable control system can effectively ensure the stability of plate cutting process. In addition, selecting the appropriate control system can effectively improve the processing efficiency and reduce costs.

Apart from the above points, the use of functional parts, machine tool assembly and adjustment will also affect the long-term accuracy of sheet metal shear. Therefore, cutting precision is an organic component of the system, rather than a factor of decision. One cannot do without the other.

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