Metal Sheet Bending Machine punch and die photo

Plate Bending Machine correct installation is very important. After the users buy the machine, professional bending machine manufacturer Shearchy will instruct the installation carefully or send the engineer to install directly. However, in daily production, it is unavoidable to relocate the bending machine because of various factors.

Metal Forming Machinery Relocation

With the continuous development of urban planning and industrial skills, many industrial enterprises have encountered problems such as plant relocation and equipment aging. Because large metal shears and bending machines have complex structure, lots of related parts, large volume. It is difficult to move these machines.

What should users pay attention to when moving sheet metal press brake?

In the whole process of moving press brake machine tools, the user needs to do:

  • Before moving – comprehensive check;
  • When moving – according to the plan to move;
  • After moving – recover correctly the accuracy and function of the machine tool.

Large metal plate bending machine moving process

Mechanical and electrical work well together

Mechanical Parts: Check before disassembly, disassembly preparation before power failure, power failure and disassembly, and installation after moving.

Electrical Parts: Electrical preparation before disassembly, electrical disassembly after power off, wiring and power on after moving.

What should users check before removing the large bending machines?

Before power off and stop the plate bending press brake, you should check the running condition, including six main contents:

  1. Fully understand the relevant information of this machine. Understand the normal parameters, precision, performance and usage. It is best to check and record the machine conditions under normal operation. It is for reference when adjusting bending after moving
  2. Check the accuracy and make preparation for reinstalling the machine. When reinstalling qualified parts, workers should restore the original accuracy. Unqualified parts are required to be adjusted during installation.
  3. Measure the relevant dimensions of machine tools under practical conditions. The user can only move the machine tool after ensuring that there is enough space for use and operation in new workplace.
  4. Relevant personnel should be fully familiar with the functions and use of plate bending machinery.
  5. Moving personnel need to carefully check the oil and gas system condition and pipeline. Record various system pressure values according to the normal running, in order to recover the machine.
  6. Refer to the original packing list of cnc press brake manufacturer and make the parts disassembly plan. Minimize discrete components to avoid lost.

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