CNC Steel Metal Plate Shears Machine Operation

CNC Shear Machines is a kind of forging machine. Its main function is metal shearing industry. In addition, its products are widely used in: light industry, aviation, ship, metallurgy, instrument, electrical appliances, stainless steel products, steel structure construction and decoration industry.

Hydraulic Guillotine Shears Fault Analysis

In general, the user will always panic when the cutting machine fails. As a matter of fact, as long as we know some detection methods of shearing machine fault, all will be fine.

Know the operation of shear’s hydraulic system


  • Whether the hydraulic system of the shearing machine works normally
  • If the hydraulic pump has abnormal phenomenon
  • Also, time and result of the hydraulic oil detection cleanliness
  • The cleaning and replacement of the filter element
  • Whether the hydraulic element has been adjusted before the failure
  • If the sealing element has been replaced
  • What abnormal phenomena have occurred in the hydraulic system of Cnc shear machines before and after the failure
  • What failures have occurred in the system in the past and how to exclude, etc.

All above need checking one by one.

Look at the actual working condition

  • Observe the system pressure, speed, oil, leakage, vibration and other problems…

Listen to the sound of plate shear

  • Such as: impact sound; pump noise and abnormal sound.
  • Judge whether the hydraulic system works normally.

Feel temperature, vibration, crawling and tightness of joints

Determine whether the moving parts of the hydraulic system of the shearing machine work normally.

If there are problems in the inspection process of cnc shear machines, the users can make reasonable adjustment according to the situation. Generally speaking, the common failures basically caused by metal shears power supply and steel cutting blades installation. Therefore, it requires users to operate properly in the first place.