4 Roll CNC Rolling Machine for sale

4 Roll Metal Rolling Machine

4 Roll Metal Roller Machine is plate rolling machinery. It is specially used for sheet metal forming and bending. It can complete various specifications of cylindrical, arc work piece pre-bending and crimping forming after one feeding. Also, it can roll the conical cylinder with the aid of the auxiliary device.

In addition, the metal rolling machine can also do simple plastic work on the sheet metal. Four roller plate rolling machine can directly pre-bend the plate end without the help of other equipment molds. And the remaining straight edge is small. Compared with the asymmetric three-roll plate rolling machine, it can roll work piece without the plate turning. It not only improves the efficiency and ensures the quality of the work piece. But also the processing procedure is simple and the operation is convenient. Moreover, it will reduce the worker’s labor intensity.

Shearchy 4 Roll Metal Roller Advantages

  • Automatic Sheet Metal Adjustment

The back roll can immediately align with metal plate automatically.

  • Excellent Pre-bending Function

The upper and lower rollers clamped sheet metal precisely in the correct position to obtain the shortest straight edge length.

  • Metal Plate Carrying

The metal rolling machine can stably and timely clamp the plates between the upper and lower rollers. So it can ensure consistent and ideal positioning.

  • One-time Rolling processing

The machine can finish process the whole cylinder body by rolling once. It only needs to determine the position of the side roll. What’s more, it can realize automatic alignment without turning around the plate.

  • Accessory Equipment

The system can control alignment, pre-bending and rolling centrally. It can achieve fast and safe pre-bending without damage to the edge of the plate. The lower stock contains a feeding device.  It can eliminate the wrong side produced in the rolling process. The loading device is mainly used to roll large diameter cylinder body. It can replace the overhead lifting equipment.

As we all know, the four-roll metal roller is recognized as a fast, accurate and easy to use plate rolling machine. Above is the performance characteristics and advantages of the four-roll plate rolling machine. Wuxi Shearchy is professional metal roller manufacturer with much experience. If you want to know more about metal rolling machines, please contact us immediately! Our e-mail is mandy@shearchy.com.