CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Toolings

What is press brake bending mold?

Bending mold is a tool used by press brake for forming and processing sheet metal. Press brake tool is made up of various parts. Different molds are made up of different parts. The bending machine can change the shape of the plate by applying force through the mold. How to use press brake bending die? Wuxi Shearchy professional bending machine supplier will answer for you mow.

Conventions of Bending Mold Usage

  • Turn on the power of the bending machine. Turn the key switch and press the oil pump to start. The oil pump of the bender began to turn. At this time, the press brake hasn’t started working yet.
  • Stroke adjustment: the bending machine needs to test run before it can formally start to bend with the bending die. Bending machine die down to the bottom must ensure that there is a plate thickness clearance. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the mold and machine. The stroke adjustment is also available for quick electric adjustment and manual fine-tuning.
  • Bending machine die notch selection: generally, the customer should choose the notch 8 times the width of the plate thickness. For example, when bending 4mm sheet metal, the customer needs to select about 32mm notch.
  • Check whether all locating devices conform to the requirements of machining. Go over the consistency and firmness of upper and lower molds frequently. Check whether the pressure gauge indicator is in accordance with the requirements.
  • The sheet material must be compacted tightly when bending to prevent the sheet material from warping and injuring the operator.
  • When adjusting the plate-forming die, the power must be cut off and the bending machine must be stopped.
  • Do not allow any sheet material to come into contact with the lower die when changing the opening of the bending die.
  • It is forbidden to use the press brake machine mold to bend the plates beyond the specified thickness, hardness and other limits. Overload work will damage the machine tool.

Bending Die Safety Problems

When installing the bending machine mold, be sure to check the state of the equipment, and then follow the steps to install and debug, debugging attention to personal safety. Shearchy press brake for sale equipped with advanced bending mold is widely used in many fields. If you are interested in bending machine, welcome to contact us!