CNC Steel Metal Plate Shears Machine Operation

CNC Metal Shear is a technical machine that realizes the operation of equipment through the instruction of numerical control computer. CNC shearing machine generally use general or special computer to achieve digital program control. Using this way to control the work of the machine has a great advantage is to be able to more accurately control the position, speed, strength and angle.

CNC Metal Shear Performance Characteristics

  • Welded steel plate structure; heat treatment to eliminate internal stress; high strength and good rigidity.
  • Advanced integrated hydraulic system; high reliability.
  • Three point support rolling guide rail is adopted to improve the shearing quality.
  • Use hand wheel to adjust blade clearance quickly, accurately and conveniently.
  • The rectangular blade has a long life and 4 cutting edges.
  • As the cutting beam has been designed in inner-inclined structure, it is easy for plates to fall down. So the accuracy of work piece can also be guaranteed.

The Difference between CNC Guillotine Shear and Traditional Shearing Machine

CNC plate shears have very obvious advantages. When it is working, the adjusting rod can rotate around the center axis without dead angle. What’s more, the machine doesn’t make much noise. This allows operators to work in a quiet environment without damage to people’s working mood and physical health.

Traditional plate shears make a lot of noise when they work. And the shear accuracy is also low. Shearchy CNC Guillotine Shear provides high strength, productivity, sensitivity and safety while lowering your production cost and improving your bottom line.

The CNC metal shear machine body is made of solid stainless steel. It has good corrosion resistance and strength. It can also maintain a high degree of stability in an environment with large amplitude of vibration. The operation method is simpler and easier to learn. People with basic computer skills can learn to operate. Moreover, this kind of machine is not only highly practical, but also has a better appearance.

In terms of safety protection, CNC metal shearing machines have also made great progress. It has a very strong protective fence that separates the operator from the machine in the event of a malfunction. Safety has always been an important issue in the use of machines. Traditional shears are less safe and workers need to be very careful when using them. Numerical control cutting machine is safe, stable and reliable. Shearchy CNC Shears adopt hydraulic electrical overload protection and light guards ensure the safety of operators during operation.

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