3 Roll Bending Machines for sale

Metal Roller Bender have many different types. Different 3 roller plate bending rolls have different characteristics.

Shearchy Three-Roller Plate Roll

3-roll plate rolling machine has mechanical and hydraulic. And then subdivide them into symmetry and non-symmetry.

Mechanical three-roll symmetrical plate bender

The structure of the machine is three-roller symmetry type. The upper roller moves vertically up and down in a symmetrical position in the center of the two lower rollers. The upper roller is driven by screw and worm. Also, the lower roller rotates. The machine provides the rolling plate with torque by meshing the output gear of the reducer with the gear of the lower roller. However, the disadvantage of the machine is that the end of the plate needs to be pre-bent with the help of other equipment.

Mechanical three-roll asymmetric plate roller

The structure of the machine is three rollers non-symmetrical. The upper roller is mainly driven, while the lower roller moves vertically to clamp the plate. The side rollers have the two function of pre-bending and rolling. Compact structure, easy operation and maintenance.

Hydraulic three-roll metal roller bender

The upper roller can move up and down vertically. The vertical lifting movement is the hydraulic transmission mode. This is achieved by the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder acting on the piston rod. The lower roll makes rotation-driven motion. The lower part of the lower roller has a supporting roller, which is adjustable. The upper roller is in the shape of a drum to improve the straightness of the products. So it is suitable for all kinds of tanks with various cross-sections.

Upper 3 rollers symmetrical plate bending roll

It can roll the metal sheet into circular, arc and conical work piece within a certain range. In this machine, the two lower rollers are the active rollers and the upper rollers are the driven rollers. Thus, widely used in shipbuilding, boilers, aviation, hydropower, chemical, metal structure and machinery manufacturing industries.

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