CNC Guillotine Plate Steel Metal Shearing Machine back look

Guillotine Shear Machine has great power, practical, affordable, economy and easy transformation. Therefore, it has been widely used.

With the progress of social science and technology, handicraft production has been replaced by machine production. In order to improve the efficiency of many large factories, it is necessary to introduce advanced machinery and equipment.

CNC Guillotine Shearing Machine Advantages

The system structure of CNC hydraulic shears machine is simple and compact. We can install it directly in the field operation desk. It is convenient to debug and maintain, and more convenient to expand functions. After installation and debugging, the system runs well.

CNC Guillotine Shear Machine
CNC Guillotine Shear Machine

Automatic hydraulic shear machine realizes the automation of cutting process and improves the efficiency of production line in the factory.

Influence of shearing machines cutting speed

  • The faster the speed of metal shear is, the shorter the time of shearing plate is. As a result, work efficiency will also improve. The same amount of processing, so that you can save more labor costs.
  • In the working process of sheet shear machine, the faster the speed, the less the sheet extrusion. In addition, the smaller the edge of the board, the higher the accuracy. The precision of high precision CNC guillotine shear machine can reach 0.02-0.03 mm/s.
  • In the fast shearing process, faster speed can reduce the extrusion wear time of the cutting edge. As a result, it increases the service life of the knife edge and saves the cost.
CNC Guillotine Shearing Machine working table
CNC Guillotine Shearing Machine working table

In summary, the speed of metal cutting has a great influence on the effect of cutting board. However, increasing the speed of the shears has a high demand for the guillotine shears themselves. So it requires the frame alignment and good strength of the fully automatic numerical control shear machine. Otherwise, the shears are very easy to break up.

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