Hydraulic Plate Shears Common Troubleshoot

Metal Shear Machine after long-time use, it will have the problem of deformation. This is a normal phenomenon. However, the frame structure and machine parts of shears will be more durable if the customers choose good quality plate shearing machines.

What factors affect the deformation of hydraulic shears?

The deformation of plate shear depends on the bending and torsion inertia distance of the support parts.

  • For torsion resistance, choose round wearing surface.
  • For bending resistance, choose square cross section.

How to improve the metal shear machine frame durability and prolong its using life? So that makes it not so easy to deform.

Reasonable Selection of Structural Form of Supporting Parts

As far as possible, the shears manufacturers should choose the closed supporting section. When a hole is opened on the side wall, adding flange around the hole can improve the bending stiffness.

Reasonable layout of the separator ribs can increase the rigidity of metal shear machine support components. The diaphragms and ribs can be arranged horizontally, longitudinally or diagonally. And then, it is helpful to improve the flexural and torsional inertia distance of parts.

Many shearing machines have some problems, such as huge volume, excessive weight and easy damage during transportation.

CNC Hydraulic Plate Shearing Machinery Structure and Frame Optimization

Since shears complex structure, it is difficult to calculate the stiffness and strength by theoretical calculation. Therefore, SHEARCHY engineers have analyzed the shears by numerical method and found a suitable optimization scheme to reduce the weight and facilitate transportation.

After structural optimization, check the stiffness and strength of the structure. Make sure structural rigidity and strength of the average shears meet performance requirements after dimension optimization and topology optimization.

Firstly, our technical team did the finite element analysis and understood the static and dynamic performance parameters of the metal plate shear machine. Then, we determine the distribution of stress and deformation. At the same time, through the structural optimization of the wallboard components of the frame, we give the specific optimization scheme at last.

Optimizing the structure ensures shears structural rigidity and strength while also reducing the overall weight. What’s more, it will help enhance the durability and ease of use and transportation shear.

SC hydraulic plate shears use welded steel plate construction, eliminate internal stress by heat treatment, with high strength and good rigidity. Welcome to contact us with your requirements!