Steel Metal CNC Hydraulic Plate Shear Machine for sale

Plate Shear Machine manufacturing technology has a profound change with the development of science and technology.

Development and Basic Composition of Shearing Machine

Hydraulic Plate Shearing Machine System Development

Due to the stronger demand of manufacturers for product diversification, the proportion of multi-varieties, small and medium-sized batch production has increased significantly. Traditional common processing equipment has been difficult to meet high efficiency, high quality diverse processing requirements.

The application of machine tool numerical control technology greatly shortens the preparation time of mechanical processing. At the same time, it also makes the whole process automation level continuously improve. Thus, it enhances the ability to adapt to a variety of manufacturing systems production conditions change.

Plate Shear Machine basic composition and Accessories

The basic components of numerical machine tool for shears include processing program, input device, numerical control system, servo system, auxiliary control device, feedback system and machine tool body.

  • Procedures for processing work pieces

Professional technicians and engineers can write processing program. Complex processing requirements can be plotted on a computer and then automatically generated by a computer or some special software.

Industrial Metal Shear Electrical Components ELGO P40 control system
Industrial Metal Shear Electrical Components ELGO P40 control system
  • Input of program

Through the panel of CNC system, we can input the program manually. In addition, we can also use computer communication ports, cables, local area networks and so on for transmission and settings.

What are the accessories of plate shearing machines?

CNC cutting operation is to coordinate and cooperate with each other by the various components. Specific accessories can be divided into the following categories:

  • Circuit Accessories

Firstly, we have to say that the electrical circuit parts: various buttons, indicator lights, control contacts, transformers, switches, motors and so on.

  • Hydraulic Components

The second kind of fittings mainly include oil pump, valves of various specifications, pressure gauges and switches, level gauges, oil pipeline fittings, sealing rings ……

  • Mechanical Parts

CNC hydraulic shears mechanical parts include steel cutting blades, bearings, tool holders, bolts of various types and specifications, gears, light rods and some others.

Hydraulic Plate Shear Machine for sale
Hydraulic Plate Shear Machine for sale

Wuxi Shearchy Technology reminds new purchasers to check whether all the parts are in good condition when receiving the plate shear machine. Although these parts are very small, it is essential as well. Only by finding problems in time can we use the machine faster and better. What’s more, it is convenient for maintenance and repair. Welcome to visit our product pages for more machine details. And send us e-mails if you want to purchase the machine!