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What is press brake aging problem?

CNC hydraulic press brake is a kind of equipment which can process the thin plate. The structure of sheet metal bending machine mainly includes machine frame, working table, clamping device and press brake die, etc. Shearchy hydraulic press brake adopts integrated hydraulic control system; it is more reliable and easy for maintenance.

After many years of use and repair, due to wear, rust, aging of supporting components and other unavoidable factors, major structure, components, accessories will lose their original functions. The frequency of machine failures and press brake bending problems will increase and the maintenance will be more and more difficult.

What problems does the aging of hydraulic press brake cause?

  • The service performance becomes worse, which cannot meet the requirements of production process, and has no repair value or cannot be repaired. There will be problems such as low bending accuracy and easy deformation of the sheet after bending.
  • What’s worse, it is likely to cause safety problems. Use and repair safety is poor, continue to use or maintenance may cause personal injury accidents. If the bending machine cannot operate stably and safely, the user shall stop using and discard it. Unusable bending machines should be disassembled by skilled professionals: cut off all power sources such as electricity and hydraulics and discharge the energy that may remain inside the bending machine. Also should pay attention to properly deal with hydraulic oil and other residues to prevent environmental pollution.
  • The aging problem of hydraulic press brake is unavoidable. However, if customers choose WUXI SHERACHY high-quality high performance bending machines, use them correctly and maintain them regularly, Shearchy CNC hydraulic press brake will serve you for many years.

Through the above introduction, you will have a further understanding of the press brake aging problem. CNC hydraulic press brake is important equipment for work piece bending and forming in sheet metal industry. It can be used to make cars, elevators, cabinets, doors and windows, etc. If you are interested in CNC hydraulic press brake, please visit our website for details. Wuxi Shearchy is always willing to help you!