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In the operation process of sheet metal roller, in addition to ensuring the quality and output of rolling, it is also necessary to pay attention to the safety of operation. If you do not pay attention to safety in use, it may cause sheet metal losses and personnel injuries. Now let’s see what we should pay attention to when we use rolling machines.

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How to use metal roller? Safety Operation Requirements of Sheet Metal Roller are as follows.

First of all, what preparation work should be done before starting the plate roller?

  • The work piece must be placed in a stable and correct position before rolling processing.
  • A signal should be made clear and one person designated for command. No work can begin until you receive the instruction.
  • Adjust the gap between working rolls according to the thickness of sheet metal. Don’t overwork.
  • The rolling pressure of plate roller shall not exceed the size of work piece specified for the performance of rolling machine.
  • Check the abnormality of each part to ensure the machine parts are in good condition, the screw is not loose and the brake should be stable and normal.

Above is the preparation work that should do before plate rolling machine is started. Then, what should user pay attention to when operating the machine?

  • In rolling and leveling, the slipping is allowed between steel plate and work rollers.
  • Except the throttle valve, other hydraulic valves are not allowed to adjust by yourself.
  • When removing the work piece, avoid the oxide scale and dust falling into the bearing of the inverted beam.
  • Hydraulic oil pressure instability or oil temperature above 60 ° C, prohibit operation.
  • Operators and other operators should cooperate closely. There should be specific person to command, command signals to be clear.
  • During operation, hands and feet are strictly prohibited on the roller, transmission parts and work pieces.
  • When the work is interrupted, the clutch should be in neutral.
  • When the operation is completed, the power should be cut off and the electrical box should be locked.

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