CNC Hydraulic Metal Plate Shear Machine

Some European customers ask us for help to solve the problem of insufficient flow output of hydraulic plate shear machine.

Why is the flow output of hydraulic shearing machine insufficient?

Wuxi Shaerchy thinks that the output flow of the hydraulic plate shear is insufficient for the following reasons:

Plate Shearing Machine Hydraulic System Components
Plate Shearing Machine Hydraulic System Components
  • The biggest possibility is the lack of oil intake

    • The main reason for this kind of situation is that the resistance of suction pipe inside the hydraulic shears is too large. So it is impossible to supplement the hydraulic oil.
    • Another possibility is that the amount of oil in the tank is too low, causing the pipeline to leak. Finally, the hydraulic filter is blocked.
  • Excessive leakage of hydraulic oil will also be one of the main reasons

    • If the sealing performance of the oil tank is not perfect, it will leak during the plate processing of sheet metal shears.
  • Steel cutting blade angle adjustment is not well

    • When adjusting the tilt plate of CNC hydraulic plate shearing machine, the angle problem is not well controlled. Too small angle adjustment will reduce the magnitude of shear displacement. It is necessary to adjust the variable piston on the hydraulic shearing machine to increase the angle of the tilt plate.
Hydraulic Plate Shear Working Table
Hydraulic Plate Shear Working Table

How to prevent the mechanical injury accident of CNC plate shears?

Measures to prevent safety accident of numerical control plate cutting:

  • Before operation, carefully check whether the control organization of the hydraulic plate shear machine is sensitive, reliable and free from looseness. Whether guillotine shear no-load test running is normal? If the slide block has hysteresis or continuous impact? Whether the safety equipment is intact and useful.
  • It is necessary to use appropriate accessories to cooperate with the work when loading and unloading the work piece.
  • In case of abnormal machine sound, continuous impact, poor control or electrical problems during operation, the user shall immediately stop guillotine shears for inspection and repair.
  • The foot switch must equipped with a protective gear. After operation, be sure to disengage the switch.
  • During machine working, forbidden to view, repair and adjust cutting tools and work pieces. Please do these after the shutdown.

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