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In autumn and winter, the temperature began to drop. The temperature difference between day and night is large and the change is very irregular. To a certain extent, this affects the safety production of Plate Bending Rolls workshop. Therefore, in the metal rolling process, safety measures should be actively implemented in each workshop. Don’t let safety awareness “doze off”!

Metal Plate Bending Roll Safety

It is necessary to fully understand the metal roller machines before using it. In this way, you will naturally know that the machine is mainly used in what industry and how to operate it safely.

Any sheet metal processing equipment has certain danger. Therefore, when using the machine, the operator should strictly abide by the operation specifications and use rules. Keep in mind that it is necessary to take safety precautions! Then, let’s take you to know what precautions the operator should take when using the plate bending rolls.

How to prevent the safety production accident of sheet metal rolling machine when winter comes?

  • Then the process operation, the operator should stand on both sides of the work piece.
  • While checking roundness with a sample plate, must stop it before operation.
  • When rolling the work piece to the end, remember reserve a certain margin.
  • No one allowed to stand on the work pieces of plate rolling machinery.
  • Do not stand on the rolled cylinder to find out the roundness.
  • Rolling thick and large diameter cylinder or work pieces with large material strength, you should lower the moving roll a little and roll them for several more times.
  • Forming a narrow cylinder, the iron plate shall be in the middle of plate bending roller.
  • Before processing again, the operator should do the inspection work of sheet metal rollers again. Prevent body, hands and clothes from getting involved in the roll.

Professional CNC Sheet Metal Roller Supplier Suggestions

With the winter coming, we should pay special attention to the above in the safety production of CNC 4-roll plate rollers. In the work, the operator should better comply with the above items and try to avoid accidents.

Novices should pay more attention to these safety issues. In addition, WUXI SHEARCHY suggest that novices seek help from professionals in advance to prevent serious problems or accidents caused by operational errors. In order to do a good job in bending roller safety production in autumn and winter, eliminate all kinds of potential safety hazards and prevent the occurrence of safety production accidents. So as to ensure the safety of life and property and the continuous and stable production situation of users!