CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Toolings

Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine adopts advanced hydraulic system. However, there will be some problems inevitably. As one of reliable press brake machine suppliers in China, WUXI SHEARCHY will give you some tips about bending machine usage!

Why there is no pressure in the hydraulic system of metal plate bender?

Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine for sale

Recently, some users asked us how to deal with the fact that their hydraulic bender has no pressure. Next, let’s talk about the factors that cause the pressure-free hydraulic system of CNC bending machine. Firstly, there are three specific reasons. The main problem of bending machinery hydraulic system is the valve.

  • Check whether the electromagnetic coil of the CNC bender proportional overflow valve is electrically charged and whether the proportional electromagnetic coil voltage meets the requirements. If it is because of the above reasons, check the relevant electrical.
  • Check whether the cartridge valve of hydraulic plate bending machine is stuck or whether the main spool is stuck, and whether the damping orifice is blocked. For the above reasons, please remove the relief valve. Clean first and then reinstall it.
  • Three-phase power supply phase modulation of CNC press brakes will lead to motor inversion.

Shearchy Hydraulic Plate Bending Press Machine Features

  • The frame welded in all steel is with sufficient strength and rigidity. Elimination of vibration after welding stress ensures the overall accuracy.
  • Efficient, high-quality hydraulic integration system. So, the failure rate is low and the bender runs more smoothly.
  • Accurate and stable back gauge. Also, the novel and unique structure of double rail ensures excellent positioning accuracy. Moreover, numerical computer controls the backstop device and the upper slider stroke.
  • Precise and fast clamping device. Convenient replacement of molds; reduce labor intensity; improve production efficiency.
  • High-precision compensation devices: hydraulic compensation and mechanical compensation.

If you interest in hydraulic plate bending machine, please contact us immediately with your requirements. Wuxi Shearchy is always willing to offer you technical support!