CNC Guillotine Plate Steel Metal Shearing Machine back look

Guillotine Plate Shears cutting angle and shearing force are two important factors in operation.

What are different applications of different hydraulic shearing machines?

Specific applications of various Shearchy metal shears

  • Cold Forming Line Shearing Machine

It is mainly used in cold bending line of automobile longitudinal beam, side baffle production line of carriage and color steel sheet forming line. This is a special metal sheet cutting equipment.

  • Steel Structure Production Line Guillotine Plate Shears

Used in steel production lines, diagonal steel and H-type steel and other steel shear or cutting operations.

  • Sheet metal coil lines shears

In the uncoiling and leveling line of sheet metal, we use plate shear for steel plate rapid cutting. Moreover, thin sheet material uses pneumatic shear machine, thick sheet uses hydraulic high-speed shear machine.

Can we adjust the cutting angle of guillotine plate shears?

Specifically speaking, the shearing angle of hydraulic shear refers to the angle between the upper and lower steel cutting blades. In general, we should control it in the range of 0.5 degrees to 2 degrees. Moreover, not all are shears the shear angle can be adjusted. Some can, some cannot. For example: guillotine plate shearing machinery angle is adjustable. Therefore, this problem depends on the specific types of shears.

CNC Hydraulic Guillotine Sheet Metal Shears for sale
CNC Hydraulic Guillotine Sheet Metal Shears for sale

How to calculate the shear force?

Shear force calculation formula:

Shear force = tensile strength * thickness of sheet * thickness of sheet / 2 * Tan (90°- oblique angle of upper blade)

Generally speaking, according to this formula, you can calculate the shear force. However, there are many factors affecting shear stress. Its main use is in theoretical calculations. In the actual operation, it also needs specific analysis of the user’s specific problems.

In addition, can user adjust the blades clearance of CNC guillotine plate shears machine themselves?

Blade gap will directly affect the cutting effect of the shearing machine. Therefore, do not make your own adjustments to avoid affecting the use of the device. Any adjustment, please communicate with the manufacturer.

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