CNC Press Brake Punches for sale

CNC Bending Machine Punch and Die manufacture is very complex. In the process, press brake tools manufacturers will encounter many problems.

CNC Press Brake Mold Manufacture Problems

If we cannot solve the problems in manufacturing, the mold will be defective, even can’t be used safely and normally. Therefore, we must pay attention to bending mold production.

So what should we pay attention to in punches and dies manufacturing?

  • Customer’s sense of use

Firstly, manufacturers should pay attention to user experience, not just to develop new products.

In the early stage of cooperation, only focus on product development and manufacturing, ignoring the communication with customers is not right. After the preliminary determination of sheet metal bending scheme, the user should actively contact the numerical bending machine mold manufacturer in advance. So it can ensure that the design product has good technology, in advance for the design preparation, to prevent too hasty and ill-considered affect the duration.

  • Quality control of CNC bending machine punch and die

Nowadays, competition in manufacturing industry around the world is becoming more and more incentive. Enterprises shorten the processing cycle as much as possible to improve the efficiency per unit of time. Moreover, efficient customer service has become a symbol of the competitiveness.

High precision and high quality sheet metal processing put forward higher requirements for the punch of CNC plate bending machines.

CNC hydraulic plate bending machine punch and die for sale
CNC hydraulic plate bending machine punch and die for sale

How to produce best CNC bending punch and die?

  1. Mold quality: stability, compliance, surface finish, utilization rate, etc.
  2. Tools maintenance: production assistance time, convenience of replacement and installation and ease of use.
  3. Service life: on the premise of ensuring the quality, the number of times of use or the number of processing.

Finally, when you buy the cnc hydraulic press brake punch, you can not only look at the price, but also consider all-round form the product quality, production cycle, after-sales service and so on.

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