Hydraulic Brake Press Machine Shearchy electrical engineer working photo

Press Brake Forming safety problems, we must pay great attention to! Our customers often encounter these problems, but often ignore them. Although, the issue of security has always been of great importance to the country and the people. In the actual machine operation, there are still the following five dangerous phenomena.

5 dangerous phenomena in press brake forming

  • Problem 1: Use non-single power source

Some users will add some mechanism to the bending machine so that make it easier to line or work with other equipment. What’s worse, the electricity of the newly added mechanism is not from the lower lead of the power cut-off switch of press brakes, the user add another circuit lead.

Thus, it violates the standard stipulation of “Connecting mechanical and electrical equipment to a single power source”. In case of emergency, the power switch on the bending machine cannot cut off all the power of the equipment. There would be a potential hazard to personnel.

  • Problem 2: Connect the middle wire to PE randomly

The relevant departments clearly stipulate:

“In the electrical equipment, there should be no connection between the neutral line and the protective grounding circuit. Nor should it be used in the internal electrical cabinet.”

We have encountered more than one case:

After the transformation of bending machine tool, it has serious failure because of the addition of components and disorderly modification of circuit line. At this time, the equipment can cause direct electric shock injury to the personnel.

Therefore, when the customer transformation machine tool, must not save trouble to connect the center line to PE. Ensure the safety of production and maintenance personnel! In fact, you should communicate with the press brakes manufacturers before reforming the bending equipment. Customers can modify the machine with the help of professionals rather than move it by themselves.

  • Problem 3: Lack of protection for electrical equipment

The motor shall be provided with thermal protection measures. When the time constants of the windings of the protection device are different from each other, the protection device cannot be used effectively.

  • Problem 4: The protection level of electric cabinet is not enough

Anyone can open the electric cabinet door and enter the electric cabinet without using any tools. Such a situation is obviously unqualified.

Only under the following conditions shall open the guard (i.e. door, cover, covers plate, etc.):

  1. Using a key or tool, operated by a skilled technician.
  2. Cut off the live parts of the shell before opening it.

CNC bending machine tools and other equipment electrical cabinets should be in the state of ventilation. The moisture in the cable trench and the dust during cutting will enter into the cabinet along the channels and crevices. If there is no ventilation, it is easy to have a layer of dirt and obvious moisture on the circuit board and electrical parts in the electrical cabinet. Then, there will be circuit safety hazards.

  • Problem 5: Safety operation protection function is not complete

For example:

Some bending tables do not have adequate protection:

The operator’s hand is close to the bending area and the machine is still working.

The opening and power-off device of the electrical cabinet has no substantial effect:

When the user opens the door of the electrical cabinet, it is still charged.

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