3 roll plat e roller bending machine for sale

Universal Sheet Metal Roller is common industrial equipment in sheet metal production. Universal plate bending rolls are widely used in high precision manufacturing, such as aviation, nuclear power and other metal structure parts manufacturing and chemical machinery, offshore oil platforms, oil and gas pipelines and other industries. Do you know the main parts and structures of the universal plate rollers? Please see the details below.

Main Components of universal upper roll rolling machine

The upper universal sheet metal roller adopts the hydraulic transmission of the upper roll and the horizontal moving mechanical transmission, which is the system mode combining the hydraulic and mechanical. In addition, it has the effect of direct pre-bending, saving labor and materials

Upper and lower bending rollers

As important parts of the plate rolling machinery, they are made of high quality carbon steel.

Plate roller machine frame

Divide into left and right frame of a piece. Also, there are lower roller bearings on the frame. Moreover, the frame has square screw rod inside. The upper end of the screw rod connects with the bearing seat at both ends of the upper roller.

Plate bending rolls reducer

Adopt hard tooth surface type reducer installed on the channel steel base together with the cushion.

Unloading device of universal sheet metal roller

We mounted it on the side of the reducer to balance the upper roll for unloading. Then, the cylinder controls it to complete unloading and recovery.

Sheet metal rollers pedestal

It is formed by welding section steel and steel plate. Plate roller manufacturers will combine frame, reducer, motor, etc. on it, thus forming a whole.

Metal rolling machine electrical component

Wuxi Shearchy bending roll factory installs all the electrical parts in one control cabinet for easy operation.

Users must strictly follow the hydraulic plate roller machines processing procedures and operating methods. After finish the work, please clean and tidy the workshop, orderly discharge of the plate material, and clean up the waste. What’s more, do a good job of equipment maintenance. Also, remember to turn off the power in time. Shearchy is willing to help you all the time. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. E-mail is mandy@shearchy.com.