metal press brake bending machine with compensation for sale

Metal Press Brake Bending compensation can be divided into hydraulic compensation and mechanical compensation. In the purchase of CNC bending machine, in addition the problem of bending straightness, Customers also need to consider the choice of hydraulic or mechanical compensation.

How to choose Metal Press Brake Bending Compensation?

In the selection of bending machine, you should consider how many tons (bending pressure) of bending machine, blade width, throat, the distance between the columns and so on, press bending compensation mode should be considered as well.

During the bending process, Hydraulic bending machine exerts a force on the metal plate. Also, the plate will exert a counterforce on the machine. This reaction force will deform the machine and affect the precision of the folded sheet. In order to improve the bending accuracy, professional press brake factory will equip the bending machinery with compensation function.  Since the compensation mode has different requirements for operators, different bending accuracy and other differences, it is crucial for buyers to know how to choose the compensation mode.

Bending machine compensation type classification

The bend compensation cancels the deformation of slide block of machine tool so as to ensure the precision of machining joint surface and improve the quality of products.

  • No Compensation

When bending errors occur, if metal hydraulic press brakes don’t have compensation function, it can only rely on manual way to correct the work piece. For example: beating with a hammer, etc…

  • Hydraulic Compensation

It belongs to the local compensation function. It relies on the compensation cylinder of the worktable under the bending machine for local angle compensation. What’s more, it cannot achieve the overall compensation effect like the mechanical compensation.

  • Mechanical Compensation

It is the most core press brake technology and the most advanced bending machine compensation technology. As an integral compensation method, it solves the bending angle error caused by the influence of unpredictable factors such as the difference of materials and the deflection deformation of equipment in daily use.

Advantages of metal press brake bending mechanical compensation

  1. The user can obtain accurate deflection compensation over the whole length of the workbench.
  2. Mechanical deflection compensation provides long-lasting stability and low maintenance frequency. CNC hydraulic bending machines can basically ensure that mechanical compensation maintenance-free in the service life of machine tools.
  3. The more compensation points make sheet metal bending can reach the linear compensation mode. Therefore, the improvement of bending effect is better.
  4. Use a potentiometer to measure the position of the return signal. As a numerical control axis, it realizes digital control and makes the compensation value more precise.

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