Horizontal CNC V Grooving Machine for sale

Stainless Steel Grooving Machine invention and manufacturing technology is a frontier technology. It pushes the precision and quality of the sheet metal processing field towards the depth of the technical field which has not been involved by human beings.

Stainless Steel CNC V Groove Machine Features

  • High machine integration: digital control and automatic feeding.
  • Positioning slot size: feeding accuracy is very excellent.
  • Real-time live view of the processing progress: Users can pause at any time and then continue grooving. It does not affect the accuracy.
  • Automatic adjustment error of font base plate made by engraving machine, plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine and other equipment. It can also automatically adjust the slotting size according to the different processing methods of font making technology (such as outsourcing edge welding, internal alignment welding).
  • The operation process is simple and easy to learn. The slotting depth can be adjusted at will.
  • It can realize the splicing of any length of material so as to overcome the problem of material waste.
  • Stainless steel grooving machine CNC control system can add or delete the slotting points temporarily through the software according to the actual situation, modify the processing starting point, processing direction and so on.
  • Adopt diamond coated cutting tools. Sharp cutting: make stainless steel, iron, aluminum and aluminum profile easily shaped.
  • Stepless speed regulating spindle and rotary milling process can effectively control the slotting quality. No deformation! No hardening!
  • High pressure cooling system: long tool life.
  • Closed-loop control: ensures accuracy and data are not lost.

How to clean stainless steel grooving machine?

CNC Horizontal V Grooving Machine itself layout is more complex and the volume is also relatively large. Therefore, it is difficult to clean up.

In general, Wuxi Sherachy professional cnc groove machine supplier recommends that users clean the slotting machine every six months.

  • Please use the brush to brush off all the dust outside.
  • Then, you use the cleaning fluid to clean the area.
  • Keep it in a ventilated place so that rust will not appear.
  • Before use, please remember to lubricate the shaft and some lubrication positions.
  • Must not let slot machine overload operation.

All the operating systems of Shearchy CNC V groove machine for stainless steel plate are electric hydraulic combination, easy to operate, flexible, high efficiency, and with low noise and no environmental pollution. If you want to know more about Steel V Grooving Machine for sale, please contact us immediately!