Hydraulic Steel Plate Shearing Machines for sale

What Steel Plate Shears cutting rate of improvement and modular design?

Plate Shearing Machine Cutting Speed Improvement

It is an effective measure to improve some parts which affect the shear speed. In the hydraulic shear machine, the oil quantity in the hydraulic system should be stable. There can be neither too much nor too little. In addition, servo control can be adopted, that is, the control of the back blocking positioning. So, it will improve the working efficiency of hydraulic shear.

How to Improve Steel Plate Shears Shearing Speed?

The mechanical parts of the shearing machine shall be inspected frequently. This ensures that we can use it properly. Once the problem found, the user should deal with it immediately without delay. In addition, we need to make sure that guillotine shear steel cutting blades are sharp. No wear. If there is wear, replace it with new one or polish it in time.

Modular Design Concept of Plate Shears

The hydraulic shearing machine adopts a new generation of modular design. It has more functional coverage, stronger reliability and can meet the needs of different users. Moreover, in the hydraulic system, each hydraulic component has a relatively moving surface.

For example:

  • The inner surface of the hydraulic cylinder and the outer surface of the piston

Because of the relative motion, there is a certain gap between them. If one side of the clearance is high-pressure oil and the other side is low-pressure oil, the high-pressure oil will flow through the clearance to the low-pressure area and cause leakage.

  • Carefully check the main circuit and control circuit of the soft starter

Check for wiring errors. After the main circuit powered on, the control system gives a soft start signal. The main motor starts. In order to obtain the ideal starting parameters, the user can repeat the test.

  • Two kinds of pressure loss of Shearchy steel plate shears: the pressure loss along the way and the local pressure loss.

The total pressure loss in the pipeline is equal to the sum of the pressure loss along the pipeline and the local pressure loss. Because the structure of parts, the deviation of dimension and the surface roughness are all different. It is related to determining the supply pressure required for the system and the temperature at which the system operates. In production practice, we hope that the pressure loss will be as small as possible.