Metal Sheet Bending Machine punch and die photo

In plate processing, Metal Sheet Bending Machine process plays an important role in the whole product forming. The quality of bending process directly affects the final size and appearance of metal product.

CNC Press Brake Bending Processing Procedures

Users often need to check the relevant equipment to ensure normal operation

For example:
  • Turn on the switch before starting the oil pump. It’s better not to mess up the order. Otherwise, long-term wrong operation will affect the service life of SHEARCHY  CNC brake press.
  • During operation, when the upper die goes down to the bottom, the user must ensure that there is a gap of plate thickness. In this way, we can ensure the safe working of metal sheet bending. Otherwise, the mold will damage.

Metal Sheet Bending Machine Operating Rules

Specifically, the operation details are as follows:
  • The user should check the equipment regularly. It is strictly prohibited to work with machine tool defects.
  • When the equipment overhauled and shut down, workers shall hang warning signs beside the start switch. If necessary, special personnel shall be assigned for supervision.
  • The lighting of the working table shall be normal.
  • There should be no obstacles on the ground around the work.
  • Working position instruments and materials placed in order.
  • Strictly forbidden to extend hands or fingers between press brake punch and die.
  • The operator must pay attention and cooperate with hands and feet when operating metal brake press.
  • Workers should wear protective equipment before work. No fatigue operation, chatting, work after drinking and smoking operation!
  • Please lubricate the equipment and safety protection device frequently to reduce the wear of parts and ensure the normal operation.
  • Before starting work, you should idle the equipment for 1 to 3 minutes. Check whether the buttons and safety protection devices are reliable. Whether the fasteners are fastened and whether there is any abnormality during operation. If there is any problem or fault, stop the machine immediately for repair.
  • The rough materials, finished materials and waste materials stacked orderly according to the specified location. Not allowed to pile up finished products and waste materials in bulk. No oily waste liquid allowed in the work site.
  • At the end of work, the upper die of metal sheet bending machine must be at the lowest position. And the power supply of the equipment must be cut off.