Hydraulic CNC brake press machines back look

Steel Bending Machine slide block is an important component in CNC Hydraulic Press Brake. It is a mold component that works with the bending equipment. Thus, the material itself must have the appropriate hardness, wear resistance and enough to withstand the movement of friction. The guide rail mechanism in metal plate bending machines is linear guide rail, mainly composed of slide block and guide rail.

After many period of introduction, we are not strange to the bending machinery. As we all know, steel plate press bender is a device for bending thin plates. It is mainly consist of bracket, work table and clamping plate. So it saves manpower and time and brings benefit to users.

How to solve common problems of steel bending machine sliders?


steel plate CNC press brake bending machine backgauge

Causes of the steel press brake slide block failure

  • Improper tightness of slide guide rail.
  • The slider lock nut is loose.
  • The machine parameters need to be adjusted.
  • Gain and zero on proportional servo valve amplifiers need to be adjusted.
  • Pressure setting of pressure valve is incorrect or unbalanced on both sides.
    • Back pressure setting too small: the slider will go down slowly and shake when working.
    • The back pressure unbalanced on both sides: block slider wiggles when running.

Steel plate bending machine manufacturer Shearchy provides you with solutions to deal with the slider problem

  1. Readjust the guide rail clearance.
  2. Retighten the slider. If the lock nut is too loose with the screw, you need to replace them in time.
  3. If there is a reference curve, the user should follow it to debug.
  4. Shearchy hydraulic press brake only has BOSCH, REXROTH valve adjustable. Be careful!
  5. Use pressure gauge to adjust back pressure valve and make both sides consistent

Above is the way Wuxi Shearchy provides to solve the steel bending machine slider does not work properly. If you have any questions about cnc press brakes, you can contact our staff and we are willing to help you! Also, you can follow our Facebook for Machinery Updates!