Brake Press Machine motor and other hydraulic components

Standard Industrial Press Brake is common mechanical equipment in sheet metal processing. Today, Wuxi Shearchy will introduce metal plate bending machine hydraulic circuit characteristics for you.

CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Circuit

The hydraulic system of sheet metal hydraulic CNC bending machine includes differential circuit, balance circuit (or sequence circuit), step-down circuit, secondary pressure control circuit, high pressure, low pressure pump circuit and other basic circuits.

Hydraulic Circuit Characteristic

Standard industrial press brake hydraulic system has the following characteristics.

  • When the cylinder drops rapidly, the backpressure of the oil in the lower chamber is established by the sequence valve no.23 to prevent the cylinder from stall due to its dead weight. At the same time, the hydraulic system uses differential circuit. So the pump flow is less. This is to save energy.
  • When the cylinder slowly drops to pressurize forming, the sequence valve no.22 will open due to external pilot pressure. And the oil in the lower chamber of the cylinder flows back to the tank with almost no resistance. Therefore, in the bending forming, we can add the weight of the upper die on the work piece.
  • Before rising, standard industrial press brake machines do a short-time pressure reduction to prevent the cylinder rising vibration and impact phenomenon.
  • As the cylinder rises, a large amount of hydraulic oil will flow back into the tank. When returning, part of the hydraulic oil flows back to the tank through the hydraulic control check valve no.20. The remaining flows back to the tank via solenoid valve no.19. Thus, solenoid valve no.19 can use a smaller rated flow valve.
  • When the cylinder drops, the hydraulic system pressure is controlled by the overflow valve. When rising, the hydraulic system pressure is controlled by remote control overflow valve no.12. In this way, CNC hydraulic bending machines system can reduce the heat produced by the oil temperature rise.

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