CNC Hydraulic Metal Plate Shear Machine

Guillotine Metal Shear can meet the high precision and high efficiency shearing processing of steel sheet.

Characteristics of SC brake shears

  • Advanced and reasonable structure.
  • All steel plate combination welded frame structure.
  • Hydraulic transmission.
  • Guillotine cutting structure.
  • Meet the requirements of metal sheet cutting precision.
  • High precision and high efficiency shearing processing of steel sheet.

Rules for safe operation of guillotine metal shear

  • The operator must be familiar with the structure and performance of the cutting machine.

  • Before work, the user should carefully check whether all parts of the plate shears are normal:

    1. Whether the electrical equipment is in good condition.
    2. If the lubrication system is smooth.
    3. Whether the oil quantity is sufficient.
    4. After starting the oil pump, you should also check the valve and pipeline leakage phenomenon.
  • At the same time, make ensure that the work area clean:

    1. Remove tools, measuring tools and other sundries as well as corner wastes from the working table and surrounding areas.
    2. Strictly prohibited to store sundries on the work table to avoid accidents caused by sundries rolling into the blade.
  • Before the empty operation test, a working stroke should be turned on manually before starting the equipment.

  • The operator’s hands should keep at least 200mm away from the blade.

Do not put your hand between the upper and lower blades to avoid accidents.

  • Keep the edge of the blade sharp.

If the edge becomes dull or there is avulsion phenomenon, you should replace it in time.

  • The net type oil filter installed on the oil suction port of the oil pump should be checked and cleaned frequently.

Thus, maintain the filter has the normal oil flow. If the filter is blocked, the oil flow will decrease. What’s worse, it will make the pump empty and affect the service life of the pump.

  • The return cylinder shall not be filled with oxygen, compressed air or other inflammable gases. Normally, it’s nitrogen.

When filling nitrogen, the user should use the filling tool slowly. Before unloading the return cylinder, users must discharge the pressure gas to avoid accidents.

  • Adjust the blade clearance according to the thickness of metal sheet.

Keep cutting blade securely fastened. Also, Keep the upper and lower cutting surfaces parallel.

  • In order to ensure safety, during shearing operation, the press device should firmly press the plate.

Not allow to shear in the state of not tight pressure.

Forbidden incorrect operation:
  1. Do not cut laminated sheet.
  2. Do not trim edges of blanks.
  3. Forbidden to cut two kinds of boards with different specifications and materials at the same time.
  4. Do not adjust other hydraulic valves without permission except throttle valve.
  • The maximum temperature in the oil tank shall not exceed 60 degrees.

In case of abnormal noise or overheating of the oil tank during operation, you should stop the shear immediately for inspection.

  • Clean materials and maintain equipment after work.

Above is the guillotine metal shear safe operating procedures. These are the problems you must pay attention to in operation. If you have any other questions, please contact us. Wuxi Shearchy is a professional shearing machine supplier and we are glad to be of service to you!