Brake Press Machine motor and other hydraulic components

Hydraulic CNC Press Brake synchronous system problem has been a hot concern of users and manufacturers.

CNC hydraulic bending machine synchronization problems

From piston cylinder, inlet pipe, return pipe and other aspects, professional bending machine manufacturer Shearchy has analyzed hydraulic bending machine system is not synchronous reasons for you. Now, we offer you some effective solutions to solve these problems.

Solutions to solve hydraulic CNC press brake synchronous system problems

In order to make the leakage amount in the two cylinders equal, we try to make the left and right pistons, cylinders and other parts of the selection accuracy consistent. (size accuracy, position accuracy, coaxiality, roundness, etc.) On the other hand, the manufacturers make the hydraulic circuit of the two hydraulic cylinders as identical as possible.

  • Sheet Metal Bending Machinery Oil Inlet Lines

To ensure equal flow through the two one-way valves, first try to make the center of gravity of the moving frame in the geometric center of the two cylinders. Meanwhile, the mechanical damping between piston and piston rod and between piston rod and end cover should be close to each other. So the mechanical damping of the two piston cylinders would be close to each other when falling rapidly.

  • Bender Hydraulic Oil Return Line

Make the return oil resistance on the return oil pipeline basically the same to ensure that the two cylinders of the same return flow. The same aspect of return oil pipeline refers to the pipe diameter, length, bending number, bending angle size, etc.

In addition to the above methods, some manufacturers will use mechanical rack and pinion transmission to force synchronization.

Shearchy hydraulic cnc press brake adopts reliable electro-hydraulic proportional synchronization servo system. Moreover, its parallelism precision could reach 0.01mm. Also, it can withstand the electric load.

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