CNC Hydraulic Bending Machine hydraulic system valve

CNC Hydraulic Bending Machine system as a very advanced transmission system has many advantages. Therefore, the hydraulic transmission system has been widely used in various machineries.

Press brake hydraulic system

However, in actual production, it will also appear some typical troubles as use increases. According to the return visit of the old customers, we found that the rise and fall of hydraulic bending machine oil cylinder are not synchronized. And it is a very typical problem. Next, Wuxi Shearchy analyzes the reason why the hydraulic bending machine is out of sync.

Cause analysis of cnc hydraulic bending machine out of synchronization

  • Piston Cylinder

Internal leakage occurs in the piston cylinder. In other words, too much clearance between the piston and the cylinder leads to leakage. And the amount of leakage in the left and right cylinders is not exactly the same. That makes them move at different speeds.

  • Oil Charging Pipe

On the one hand, the oil pump supplies oil to the cylinder through the synchronous valve when the hydraulic bending machine drops rapidly. On the other hand, the oil tank on the top of the machine feeds into the oil cylinder through a one-way valve by the natural height difference. The two oil circuits together supply oil to the cylinder upper chamber so that hydraulic cnc press brake can descend rapidly.

Since the flow in the valve path behind the synchronous valve is approximately equal, we only need to consider the flow into the cylinder from the tank through the one-way valve. For two one-way valve inlet pressure, namely atmospheric pressure, is also equal.

Under the same atmospheric pressure, the lower the upper chamber pressure, the greater the bending pressure, flow through the one-way valve will be greater. From the foregoing, the two hydraulic cylinders will not be completely synchronous when starting. So the pressure on the upper chamber of the two cylinders is not the same and the pressure difference before and after the two one-way valves will not be the same as well. The different flow from the cylinder through the one-way valve into the two cylinders is also one of the reasons for the cylinder movement is not synchronous.

Oil Return Line

When hydraulic CNC press brake falls rapidly, the motion damping on the oil return circuit is not equal. It makes back pressure of the piston lower chamber different. Therefore, the flow rate of the two cylinders is not equal to each other, which also leads to the unequal speed of the rapid decline of the two cylinders.

Above is the CNC hydraulic bending machine system synchronization problem analysis. In the next installment, we’ll continue to show you how to address these issues head-on. Please continue paying attention to our website updated!