CNC Guillotine Plate Steel Metal Shearing Machine back look

Sheet Metal Shear is commonly used in many sheet metal processing plants. Therefore, some common sense about cutting machine, the user must be familiar with.

CNC Shears and CNC punch, are these two metalworking machines the same?

CNC shears and CNC punch are both equipped with CNC system. But essentially, these two are really different. The former is used to cut or shear metal plate. The latter can do blanking, stamping, stretching, bending and molding and other work. So, the two devices are not the same in terms of function.

In addition, as professional plate shearing equipment, Shearchy CNC metal shears work precision and quality is higher. And the function of numerical control punch is more. Customers should choose the right machine according to their needs.

Shearing machine position check, what exactly does it refer to?

To be specific, the position check on the cnc plate shears refers to the position check of the rear retainer. In the actual operation of plate shears, there may be some small errors in the position of the rear retainer.

For example:

The X axis positioning size of the rear retainer displayed on the numerical control computer is 50mm. But in fact, it is 49mm or 51mm, or some other value. There is a certain deviation. At this point, you need to collate the position for numerical correction in order to avoid problems.

How to classify the sheet metal shear?

CNC cutting machine classification is different that of press brake. Generally speaking, it is not divided by the tonnage of the machine. They are divided according to the thickness and length of the plate. So the customer should choose the shearing machine according to the width and thickness of the processed sheet.

To the CNC sheet metal shear, these questions are all very important and fundamental. If you want to know more about CNC Shearing Machines and CNC Press Brake, please click our website or follow our facebook. WUXI Shearchy is a leading metal shear manufacturer. We will share more machinery information with you!