4 Roll CNC Rolling Machine for sale

The routine maintenance and repair work of CNC rolling machine for car should not be underestimated!

Precautions for Routine Maintenance of Car Plate Rolling Machines

The daily maintenance and overhaul of plate roller is important. Only in this way can it extend its useful life. Wuxi Shearchy will introduce to you the precautions for the routine maintenance of CNC plate bending rolls!

Metal Plate Rollers Correct Operation

  • CNC rolling machine shall be operated and managed by special personnel.
  • It is necessary for the operator to be familiar with the structure, function and application method of machinery.
  • Before starting roller machinery, carefully check whether the safety equipment is intact.
  • During operation, forbidden to place hands and feet on rollers, transmission parts and work pieces.
  • When the operation interrupted, should turn clutch to neutral.
  • There should be a special person to command the operation of multi person cooperative operation.
  • Also, no overload operation.
  • The tilting, resetting and balancing of the lifting and turning bearing of the upper roll shall be carried out after the main drive stops.
  • Forbidden to pile up work pieces and sundries in the workplace. Keep the machine tool and workshop clean and tidy at all times.
  • Finally, cut off the power supply and lock the power box after working.

Maintenance procedures for CNC car rolling machine

  • According to the rules in the lubrication diagram requirements, refuel the lubricating points of each oil cup and manual lubricating points.
  • Relying to the parameters of the rolling machine, carry out the car rolling process. The thickness of the rolling plate is 20mm. The maximum length is 2500mm. And the bending limit of the plate is less than 250Mpa.
  • After the power supply turned on, carry out the forward and reverse directions of the lower roll and the up and down movement of the upper roll. Additionally, check whether there is abnormal jamming phenomenon in each movement.
  • Strictly follow the rolling plate processing procedures and operation methods. When the upper roll lifted to the limit position, pay attention to the safe operation of the equipment.
  • When the main drive stopped, you can do the lifting of the upper roll, the tilting reset of the overturned bearing and the lifting of the upper roll.
  • In the operation, if you find any irregular noise, impact and other abnormal phenomena, shall stop cnc rolling machines for cars immediately for inspection.
  • All personnel should cooperate with each other. Follow the direction of the person in charge of the rolling board. Do not start the machine without a password.
  • While rolling sheet metal, pay great attention to prevent the hand from pressed by the steel plate and rolled in together with the steel plate.
  • When lifting steel plate or drum with crane, be careful not to collide with the machine.
  • If metal roller completed, the materials shall be used up and the site cleaned. And do a good job of equipment maintenance. Turn off the power in time.