Hydraulic Press Brake Dies

CNC bending machine manufacturers in the producing of press brake dies, what are the main problems encountered in general?

Notes on Hydraulic Press Brake Dies manufacturing

If we don’t notice some tricky problems, the bending mold will probably flawed or even unusable. Therefore, hydraulic press brake punch and die manufacturers must pay attention to the mold manufacturing. What are the details?

In summary, there are 3 main aspects.

Aspect 1: Lack of communication between users and manufacturers

When developing products or trying to bend new products, some users often only focus on the research and development of products at first. But they ignore the communication with the brake press die manufacturers. After the preliminary determination of the design scheme, the users shall contact with the mould manufacturer in advance.

There are two benefits to doing so:
  • One the one hand, ensure that the designed products have good forming process. So Finalized design will not be modified because the parts are difficult to process.
  • On the other hand, mold manufacturers can prepare for punch and die design in advance. So as to prevent improper consideration in a hurry and affect the construction period.

Aspect 2: Avoid multi-party cooperation; bending machine and mold best purchased from one manufacturer

Please purchase CNC plate bending machines equipped well with the corresponding mold. In other words, bending machines and molds must be matched.

Even different batches of molds from the same manufacturer are different. In addition, the fine difference of hydraulic press brake die will have a great influence on the accuracy and performance of bending.

Aspect 3: Consider the quality, production cycle and service in an all-round way not only the price

There are many kinds of press brake dies and punches. We can roughly divide into more than ten categories.

Select different types of forming molds for bending according to the different requirements of parts materials, physical and chemical properties, mechanical strength, dimensional accuracy, surface finish, service life, economy, etc.

How to Improve Brake Press Punch and Dies Quality?

  • Mold quality

It includes dimensional stability, conformity, surface finish, utilization of raw materials, etc. of the manufactured work pieces.

  • Service life

Under the premise of ensuring the quality, the number of working cycles or the number of work pieces produced by the form mould.

  • Usage and maintenance

Whether it is the most convenient to use; the difficulty of changing tools; the length of production assistance time……