Hydraulic Steel Plate Shearing Machines for sale

Hydraulic Shearing Machines hydraulic transmission system has many advantages. Therefore, it has been widely used in various mechanical equipment. In the actual production, with the increase of the number of uses, some typical faults are also very troublesome.

Unstable Causes Analysis of Hydraulic Shears

For example:

If the plate shear cylinder is not synchronized, there are following analysis of instability.

  • Piston Cylinder Itself

The piston cylinder itself has internal leakage.

That is, the gap between the piston and the cylinder is too large to cause leakage. And the leakage in the left and right cylinders is not exactly the same. Therefore, the movement speed of the two cylinders is different. It will cause out of sync problems.

  • Oil Pipeline

When the hydraulic shearing machines drops rapidly:

On the one hand, the oil pump supplies oil to the cylinder through the synchronizing valve. On the other hand, top tank 1 supplies oil through check valve 2 through check valve. Then a height difference formed, and the two oils are the same as each other. The upper chamber of the cylinder supplies oil, so that the cylinder can be lowered rapidly. Since the flow in the channel after passing through the synchronizing valve is approximately equal. Only the flow from the tank through check valve 2 into cylinder 3 considered. For the inlet pressure of two check valves, P1 can  regard as atmospheric pressure. So, they are equal.

CNC hydraulic guillotine shear cutting and return pressure
CNC hydraulic guillotine shear cutting and return pressure

In the same case of P1, the smaller P2 is, the larger P is, and the greater flow Q through the check valve is.

It can be seen from the above that the two hydraulic shears cylinders are not fully synchronized when starting. Therefore, the pressure P2 of the upper chamber of the two hydraulic cylinders is also different. The pressure difference between the two check valves is also different. The flow from the cylinder to the two cylinders through the check valve is also different. This also causes the two cylinders to move out of sync.

  • Return Pipeline

That is to say, when the hydraulic shearing machines drop rapidly, the motion damping of return oil is not equal.

The back pressure of the lower piston is also different. So, the flow of the two cylinders is not equal. Also, this causes the speed of the two cylinders to drop rapidly and out of sync.