Steel Hydraulic Shears Cutting Machine Back Look

Steel Hydraulic Shears asynchrony problems, there are 3 aspects: cylinder itself, oil pipeline and the return pipeline.

Hydraulic Shearing Machine Out of Sync Issue and Solutions

  • Hydraulic plate shear cylinder

In order to equalize the leakage in both cylinders:

On the one hand, we should ensure that the matching accuracy of the left right pistons is as consistent as possible with that of the cylinder.

The accuracy includes: dimensional accuracy, coaxially, roundness and other position accuracy.

On the other hand, the hydraulic circuit design of the two hydraulic cylinders should be the same as much as possible.

  • Intake pipeline

Make sure that the flow of the two check valves is equal:

First, try to position the movable frame at the geometric center of both cylinders

Secondly, manufacturing piston and piston rod. The mechanical damping between the piston rod and the end cover is similar to ensure that the they are similar when drop rapidly.

  • Oil return line

Ensure the flow is equal

Make the oil return resistance on the oil return pipeline similar. That is, the pipe diameter, pipe length, number and angle of elbow are basically the same.

  • Mechanical gear and rack drives for forced synchronization

Racks installed on the left and right sides of connecting frame in the steel hydraulic shears. In addition, it meshed with a gear installed on the frame. The rack is used as a guide device to correct the error through the engagement of gears and teeth. The accuracy of the manufactured rack and gear shall be guaranteed. With the help of this device, the two working cylinders of CNC hydraulic shearing machine can also achieve high synchronous accuracy.

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