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CNC Plate Bending Machine equipment mainly includes Robotic Press Brake Automation, full CNC brake press machines and simple NC hydraulic press brakes. So how should we manage this kind of equipment? Next, aiming at this problem, we will explain it in detail, so that we can manage and use it correctly.

CNC Brake Press Machine Management Technical Skills

Maintenance of sheet metal bending equipment is a technical work. Therefore, it has certain requirements for maintenance personnel. Specifically speaking, there are the following points.

Technical Requirements for Relevant Maintenance and Operators

  • Have comprehensive machine-related knowledge

Maintenance personnel should have comprehensive machine-related knowledge, such as mechanical and electrical integration, computer, numerical control, automatic control and so on. In addition, we should master some common knowledge of mechanical processing and be able to program CNC computer simply.

  • Good at thinking and learning, and have strong practical ability

Management and maintenance workers should use more brains, pay attention to analysis and accumulation. Also, good at thinking and learning. In addition, it is necessary to have a certain professional foundation in foreign languages. Because some of the original technical materials are in foreign languages.

Strong hands-on ability is conducive to the specific operation of maintenance. Because maintenance work should have a clear purpose and careful operation.

Hydraulic NC Press Brake Bending Machine for sale
Hydraulic NC Press Brake Bending Machine for sale

CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Equipment Management Tips

In the process of equipment management, we should pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Formulate complete rules and regulations.
  • Establish complete equipment files.
  • Strengthen installation, commissioning and acceptance of equipment.
  • Conduct necessary training for operation, maintenance, programming and management, including operation technology, maintenance and other aspects.
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