Metal Sheet Bending Machine punch and die photo

How to adjust and operate pacific press brake machines? Take 100 ton press brake standard machine as an example, we have summarized some key points for users.

NC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine
NC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

Adjustment of Metal Brake Press

  • Ram Stroke

The fast travel, mute position, pressing travel, bottom dead point, upper dead point of the ram are computed, controlled and displayed by CNC system depending on the parameters of the work piece. The upper dead point and the dwell time can also be set up in system and displayed on the monitor screen. If the angle of the work piece doesn’t meet the requirement, we can also modify directly on the screen, for details please refer to 100ton press brake operation manual.

  • Bending Force

The bending force computed automatically depends on the following parameters:

Length , Thickness, V-opening width and the material of the work pieces, CNC system control the pressure proportional valve directly to make the hydraulic system supply the bending force required.


When bending the narrow plate, the work pressure should be reduced properly to ensure that the bending force not exceeding 400KN every 1 meter.

  • Back Gauge

Back gauge used for positioning plate in length direction during bending, driven by motor and controlled by computer.

Pacific Press Brake Trial Operation and Operation

Before trial operation of bending machine, each lubricating point must be greased by calcium grease. The oil tank of hydraulic system shall be full of N46# mechanical oil. We should replace them after first one month operation and thereafter depending on the actual condition every year.

During pacific press brake initial trial operation, start the oil pump motors under idle condition firstly. Then, operate machine in “inching” operation mode. After that execute “Single cycle” mode, test the ram stroke and back gauge. Operate press machine according to the following procedures when the machine is running normally.

Plate thickness and Calculation of bended plate length or check the bending force and V-opening of bottom die(the V-opening width is normally≥8 times of plate thickness).

Align the center of press brake punch and die.


  • Gap between the top and bottom dies and adjusting.
  • Positions of front and back gauge.
  • Operation mode “Inching”, “Single cycle” and use the selector switch to select the operation mode.

Put the metal sheet on the middle of pacific brake press worktable for trial press.

Adjust dies gap again.

Pay attention to the sealing parts and replace it if any leakage.

The plate must be put on the middle of the machine without unbalance loading or side loading avoid the influence precision of metal plate and the machine. If some sheets need to bend on the side of machine, the bending force must be less than 25percent of nominal force. And, bend the plate on both side of machine at same time avoid side loading.

  • Not allow to bend plate in full loading when bending the plate which length is less than 3200mm (the bending force is not exceeding 620KN every 1000mm)
  • Pay attention to the rotary direction of motor during pacific brake press trial operation (refer to Operational Principle of Machine).

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