Hydraulic Steel Plate Shearing Machines for sale

Hydraulic Metal Plate Shears for Sale

Shearchy plate shears are equipped with the best materials for optimal support and incredible performance ensuring smooth process. It provides high strength, productivity, sensitivity and safety while saving production cost and improving products competitive edge.

How to use shearing machines safely?

Blade Tool Holder

  • The plate shears locking nut on the anchor bolt shall not be loose. The tool holder of the hydraulic plate shearing machine moves smoothly up and down. It has no crawling, stagnation, vibration and obvious impact phenomenon in the specified range of travel.
  • The tool holder is closely fitted to the fixed joint surface of the support surface. It is installed correctly. And the fixed screw is tightened. The working process and action sequence are normal.
  • There is no serious wear and tear on the pressing foot of the slanting device. It mackes ensure that the device can press plate evenly.
  • The adjusting device of blade working clearance is reliable in locking. The adjusting bolts are free from slippage, random buckle and protruding on the table surface.
  • The tool holder balancing device has self-locking safety structure and protective measures. So it can ensure that the blade holder can maintain self-balance at any position of the stroke.

Back Gauge

  • The back gauge has the advantages of accurate operation, flexible adjustment, convenient feeding, reliable operation and complete yielding mechanism. The rolling and lifting movements of the loading device are flexible and stable.
  • The working table is smooth and clean without welding scar and grease.
  • The copper ball can roll flexibly and feed conveniently.

Control System Working System Transmission System

  • The clutch, brake and its operating mechanism are coordinating, accurate and reliable.
  • No clogging and leakage in hydraulic system and lubrication system. No leakage in gas piping system.
  • The lubricating oil of the guide rail has return oil or connecting device.
  • In hydraulic and pneumatic system, there are protective measures and display settings. They are for sudden disappearance of hydraulic and pneumatic pressure or interruption of liquid and gas supply.
  • In general, the tank oil temperature of plate shears should be lower than 50 ℃ during working. After continuous full load working, its temperature should be lower than 60 ℃.
  • The pressure gauge of the hydraulic system should be clear, sensitive, accurate and reliable. What’s more, pressure gauges must have lead seals.
  • The gear turns smoothly. No irregular percussion. As well, the noise of empty operation is lower than 90dB.

Electrical Equipment

  • Electrical equipment is in accordance with the design requirements. At the same time, make sure good electrical connection and firm installation.
  • There are anti-loosening measures for wire joints. Besides, electrical appliances affected by vibration should have anti-shock measures. Pneumatic control system should have emergency stop button.
  • Shearing machine motor wiring shall have metal protective tubes. The door of the electrical box is in good condition and closed tightly. Keep clean and dry. Also, the pressing screw (or door lock) is complete and fastened.

Safety Protection

  • The flywheel firmly attached to the shaft should rotate smoothly. Flywheel shaft has overload clutch or other overload protection device.
  • The transmission gears, belt wheels, flywheels, couplings and other rotating parts that may endanger personal safety outside the machine body have protective devices. Don’t touch the moving machine parts when it is running.
  • The dangerous parts of tool holder and pressure device must be provided with safety protection measures. Thus, it can prevent workers from entering the shear, pressure dangerous area. Moreover, it is easy to observe and operate.
  • In addition, the metal shears shall have a name plate and a sign indicating lubrication, operation and safety.

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