CE-ISO China NC bending machine press brake metal shears bending rolls rolling machine manufacturer factory supplier
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CE-ISO China NC bending machine press brake metal shears bending rolls rolling machine manufacturer factory supplier
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We are Wuxi Shearchy Technology Co.,Ltd, an influential producer of CNC machine tools and sheet metal processing equipment. Our world-class R&D team ensures that the most innovative technological processes go into creating the highest-quality products. Shearchy offers a wide range of precision machines such as; press brakes, rolling machine, shearing machines, CNC V grooving machine and etc...


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Shearchy Family is continue growing...



13 years of experience in bending and folding industry and 10 years experience in exporting





Nearly 10,000 machines sold thoughout 35 countries all over the world





Who work on our products around the world




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Hi Claire, I just want to tell you the CNC press brake you sold me 3 years ago work very well with no issue at all. I have a friend also need press brake and shears now and I recommend your company and have already given your email to him. He may contact with you today.
John Doe

John Doe


Hi Mandy, Thanks and I do appreciate your professional way of handling our inquires. I have presented all the price list, configurations, datasheet and your certifications for customer's approval last week and they are satisfied with your press brake. We are sure you will provide the best value for us. I will be back to you soon and talk more details for order.
Allen Joe

Allen Joe


Dear Jenny, thanks to you and to Amy, to care of the situation. I am comfortable and confident now, you will fix it. I do appreciate very much what you are doing and hope everything success. I do respect your procedure and trust you. Look forward to see you soon.
Kim Teju

Kim Teju



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