1. Famous Plate Roll Bending Machine Manufacturers and Characteristic Products

At present, the world’s advanced plate bending roll machine manufacturers mainly include China SHENCHONG, French CMF, Swiss HAEUSLER, German SCHAFER, Italian PROMAUDAVI, MG, FACCIN, SERTOM, and BODRINI, Swedish ROUNDO, Japanese KURIMOTO, and British HUGH SMITH.


SHENCHONG steel plate rolling machine for sale can be divided into: Hydraulic and Mechanical, 4-roller and 3-roller, NC and CNC. SHENCHONG four roller steel plate bending machine is an export model, which is exported to all countries in the world.

2) French CMF

French CMF’s Jammes brand steel plate roll bending machine has a high productivity, which can be up to 600 pieces/hour, a high level of automation, and a strong ability to provide complete sets of equipment.


Swiss HAEUSLER 4-roll plate bending machine, its maximum specification has reached 78000KN, thickness 250mm, width 4000mm, and the remaining straight edges are only 1.28 times the plate thickness.


Italian PROMAUDAVI, MG company’s arc 3 and 4 roll plate bending machine are more common, and their arc hydraulic 3 roll plate bending machine has a maximum thickness of 140mm.

5) German SCHAFER

The level down 3 rolls steel plate bending machine of Germany SCHAFER and other companies in Italy is more common, and it is one of the ideal models for rolling thick and extra-thick plates.

2. Overview: Foreign & Domestic Development

Hydraulic and automatic control technology has made great progress in China. China is also the country with the largest output of roll steel plate bending machines in the world, but the overall competitiveness is not as strong as other countries.

Mainly shows as:

  • In terms of product structure, China steel plate roll bending machines account for a large proportion of small and medium-sized, low-grade roller rolling machines. Large plate roll bending machines with a rolling force of 40,000KN and a thickness of 160mm or more are mainly based on importing from foreign countries.
  • Foreign companies are able to provide customers with overall solutions, and have a strong ability to improve complete sets and line equipment and technology, which satisfies market needs well. For now in China, it can only provide one single plate roll bending machine.
  • The domestic low-speed and high-torque hydraulic motor, the large-torque and high-speed ratio planetary reducer that can be directly coupled to the shaft end of the work roll, and other basic parts, can not meet the needs of the development of plate roll bending machines.
  • There is still a big gap in the professional development and supporting of CNC systems. Domestic roll plate bending machine manufacturers are mostly small and medium-sized private enterprises with insufficient technological development capabilities and weak overall competitiveness in 3 roller steel plate bending machines.
  • The basic research of coil forming mechanism, especially the research of forming mechanism of extra-thick and high-strength plate, the simulation of forming process and the establishment of mathematical model need to be strengthened.

3. China Plate Roll Bending Machine Development

Therefore, the development trend of China roll plate bending machine manufacturers shows as:

  • With the large-scale development of Chinese chemical, boiler, pressure vessel and other industries, it is developing of processing large and super large horizontal 3 roll plate bending machines for thick plates, extra-thick plates, high-strength plates, composite plates, etc. At the same time, due to the short remaining straight edges, material saving, forming accuracy and high efficiency, large four roll plate bending machines have also been developed well.
  • The rapid development of oil tank trucks, oil storage tanks and other industries requires small-scale roll plate bending machines to develop in the direction of thin-edge, extra-long, multi-curvature and numerical control.
  • The 3 roll plate bending machine is used as the main processing equipment to realize the complete configuration, so as to provide customers with overall solutions. For example, the overall solution of wind power tower tube forming is equivalently realized.
  • Taking the CNC rolling machine as the center, forming a coiled flexible processing unit is an important direction for future development.

The four roll plate bending rolls is a sheet metal bending and correcting equipment, dedicated to the forming of sheet metal. The machine can complete the pre-bending of the end of the sheet and roll cylindrical and arc-shaped work pieces in one feeding.

It can also perform rough shaping of the sheet metal. It is widely used in shipbuilding, boiler, aviation, bridge, hydropower, chemical, metal structure and machinery manufacturing industries.

The four-roller plate bending machine can directly pre-bend the end of the sheet without using other equipment molds, and the remaining straight edges are small.

Compared with the asymmetric three roller plate bending machine, it can roll the sheet into a work piece without turning the sheet metal. It not only improves the efficiency and guarantees the quality of the work piece, but also has simple process and convenient operation, which reduces the labor intensity of workers.

The plate rolling machine belongs to the bending correction machine in the forging machine. It has experienced the development process from mechanical to hydraulic and then to numerical control. Always looking forward to your consulting at any time.