With so many shearing machine manufacturer on the market, it can certainly be a challenge to evaluate manufacturers to find the best products to suit your needs. However, the following list takes a comprehensive look at the Top 9 Famous Shearing Machine Manufacturers in 2021 and examines their products.

How to evaluate a shearing machine manufacturer?


The most effective way to evaluate a shearing machine manufacturer is by examining their products. Every machine has its own set of unique traits and features that discerns its quality from other machines on the market.

Another major component that affects the overall quality of a machine is its price. Having a fair price point is crucial to determine the integrity of a brand. Many of the brands on this list are renowned for their quality and capabilities, so the important thing is to judge these brands from this vantage point, with these three aspects in mind.

Top 9 shearing machine manufacturers in 2021



As a leading guillotine shearing manufacturer and hydraulic shearing machine manufacturer, SHENCHONG is one of the best manufacturers based in China and features four models of hydraulic shearing machines. These high-performance machines offer precision with their dedicated hydraulic systems.

The NC Hydraulic Plate Shearing Machine is equipped with plate shears which are advantageous for the metal processing industry. This model differs from competitors because of its usage of CNC hydraulic shearing machine, high-precision straight-line cutting of sheet metal that is widely used in various industries globally such as aviation, shipping, and automobile.



GASPARINI brings top performance to accurately cut alloys and other material, creating a cost-efficient product. GASPARINI is home to a proportional oil hydraulic circuit that is optimized for the wide range of models and powers that are available.

This level of customization is presented through the X-Cut guillotine shear, which enables users to tailor the length and shearing thickness to their desired configurations.

3. LVD


LVD is a Belgian shearing machine manufacturer, offering a full line of shearing equipment that is diverse and globally accessible. With several models in their roster, their machines are highly flexible and will meet any demanding standards your business might have.

LVD offers conventional CNC-controlled guillotine shears as well as custom shearing systems tailored to meet all of your business needs. If you are searching for something more specific than what the market has to offer, LVD might be your answer because of the ability to configure and fully customize a shearing machine to cater to your business needs.



SHEARCHY is a leading Chinese shearing machine manufacturer. With two top-of-the-line models, SHEARCHY is equipped with the technology and materials to withstand the test of time. This guillotine shearing machine manufacturer and hydraulic shearing machine manufacturer can fit your needs with machines that are highly developed and advanced.

The hydraulic swing beam shear is catered towards cutting sheet metal with thicknesses between 4mm and 10mm. With the ability the handle large dimensions, you can enjoy various configurations of this machine.

SHEARCHY is also the manufacturer of EUROCUT SHEAR, a guillotine shearing machine that is equipped with welded steel plate construction and an advanced integrated hydraulic system. These features ensure reliability, strength, and rigidity.



Since its establishment, ERMAKSAN has been a trusted and reliable guillotine shearing machine manufacturer and hydraulic shearing machine manufacturer. This company is behind eight variants of machinery, the various series are fitted with high-quality materials and produced to sustain heavy-duty use for years. The variations feature different blades, like wear-resistant blades and hardened blades.

One of its models, the GMR Mechanical Guillotine Shear is a low-cost investment and is an energy-saving solution for efficiently cutting thin sheet materials. Depending on what your needs are, ERMAKSAN is a good option for those looking for a variety of highly specialized machines.

6. JMT


JMT USA offers high-quality shearing machines that are specialized and highly developed to give your products the best treatment possible. With hydraulic shears like the Variable Rake Guillotine Shear or the Power Operated Mechanical Shear, these products are designed to meet all of the requirements to treat your materials. These hydraulic and mechanical shearing machines are designed with power and flexibility in mind.

JMT’s representative hydraulic shear is the VS series shearing machine. The Variable Rake guillotine style shears adjust length and angle automatically to fit materials ranging from 10-30 feet with varying thicknesses. With this flexibility, the machine can handle a variety of materials with different compositions.



YEH-CHIUN is the manufacturer behind easy to operate machinery that is developed to maintain rigidity and precision. The six models of automatic hydraulic shears and guillotine shears are equipped with features that provide high economic efficiency.

Each model comes with an anti-tension, anti-pressing force that maintains the longevity of its automatic mechanisms.



JEAN PERROT is a designer, guillotine shearing machine manufacturer, and hydraulic shearing machine manufacturer. With a wide range of shears, these high-performance shearing solutions are ideal for high speed and efficient cutting.

JEAN PERROT has a range of shearing machines that vary from entry-level, intermediate, and premium. JEAN PERROT is a great option for those looking for a catalog of machines that come at a wide range of prices. Entry-level shearing machines are known for their cost-effective price while also maintaining high quality and performance, which is a great option for those looking for an economic solution.



RAJESH is one of the leading shearing machine manufacturers based in India. With a roster of hydraulic shears, RAJESH ensures safety and technology that is always up to date with their products. Standard equipment comes with German hydraulics and motors. Machinery is equipped with top blades controlled through servo control technology that assures efficiency and accuracy every time.

With such a huge catalog of products on the market, it can be challenging to find the right manufacturers to trust for your business and product needs. However, when it comes to finding the best shearing machinery, these nine manufacturers are reliable and reputable for their high-quality products that prioritize efficiency and longevity.