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Robert bending machine becomes more and more popular in sheet metal processing industry. Robotic press brake helps improve the production efficiency and save labor cost.

Tendency of press brake and industrial Robert:

robotic press brake

  • While many companies develop sheet metal bending manipulator, it also represents the inevitable development trend of automatic bending robot. And when most companies develop special bending manipulator, some companies take a different approach, for example, some companies develop numerical control bending machine, changing the traditional bending machine mode of work, to keep the main plane of sheet metal always in the table plane. Because the main plane of the sheet metal is always on the worktable plane, it is easy to realize the automation of bending.

  • While the mechanism of the folding machine is extremely complex, and it is necessary for a company with considerable strength to develop it. Observing the development status of the whole intelligent bending system market, from the technical difficulties, equipment costs and other aspects, the development of dedicated sheet metal bending manipulator is the development trend of intelligent bending system. At present, the bending machine and the bending manipulator system is independent, both through mutual communication to ensure action coherence, but in the future must be the bending machine system and the bending manipulator system into one, which is the best collocation effect.

Robert applied in press brake:

  • In sheet metal bending, it costs a lot to rely solely on the sheet metal bending manipulator to ensure the accuracy. Therefore, the back finger of the electro-hydraulic numerical control automatic bending machine is still retained to ensure the accuracy, and the flexible suction cup is used to ensure that the sheet metal and the back finger can be tightened each time, thus reducing the accuracy requirements of the manipulator. In the design, the repetition precision of the manipulator is 0.5mm or minus 0.5mm, in which the gantry frame is the main supporting role, it is fixed on the ground, in the process of work, keep stationary, so in the design, its stiffness is on the high side, the weight is also heavy, which can ensure the accuracy of the entire manipulator and seismic performance.

  • The design of wrist parts is the starting point of the whole bending manipulator, and its design quality directly affects the quality of the whole product. The design requirement is to ensure the strength, stiffness and transmission of the premise, the structure needs to be designed compact, compact, especially in the direction of height, the more compression on him, the smaller the torque required for the A-axis rotation. The main parts of the sheet metal bending manipulator are welded by uniform steel plate, and the deformation is very small, so the deformation can be considered as elastic. In order to simplify the calculation, it is considered that the material properties of the weld are the same as those of other places, and the defects of the weld are neglected.

Shearchy Robert Bending Machine

  • Shearchy robert plate bending machine is better for automatic bending operation. Robert is a typical representative of advanced manufacturing technology and automation equipment. Intelligent industrial equipment has become the basis of global manufacturing upgrading and transformation.

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