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Bending Industry – Development of Press Brake in China

  • For better and faster innovation and development of machine tool industry, it is necessary to speed up the reform of enterprise system and mechanism innovation of machine tool industry, which can enhance the survival ability of enterprises and establish diversified and perfect enterprise system. In this case CNC press brake becomes an important role in bending industry.
China CNC Press Brake Machine Factory
China CNC Press Brake Machine Factory

  • Under the guidance of national industrial policy and industrial planning, the market mechanism should be in full play to improve the precision and specialized adjustment of software and hardware for production, so as to change the development space of CNC machine tools. The backward development of domestic functional parts hinders the development of machine tool industry. First, the technical progress is relatively backward; second, the development mode towards scale expansion. At present, the basic characteristic of machine tool industry is large but not strong. The main contradiction is the contradiction between the acceleration and upgrading of domestic market demand structure and the incompatibility of industry supply capacity.

  • Accelerating the establishment of CNC machine tool research is the focus of the enterprise, establishing and improving the enterprise technology research and development team, speeding up the development of high-grade CNC machine tool varieties, strengthening the construction of personnel, training high-tech personnel and high-skilled workers, to enhance the technical innovation ability of CNC machine tool industry, is the development direction of China’s machine tool industry.

Bending Industry – What Shearchy-press brake will do in the future?

Customers can feel sincere and humane service of every Shearchy employees

In the long-term development planning of the enterprise, Shearchy has always attached great importance to the common improvement of software and hardware. and the economic benefits of real products and trademark brands are synchronized. To better serve customers at home and abroad, Shearchy actively applies for CE and SGS certification of EU compulsory product quality certification system to ensure that all Shearchy customers not only have quality assurance, but also truly ensure the safety of machine tool operators. So that each Shearchy customer is real. In addition to the mechanized equipment, people can feel there is a sincere and humane service of every Shearchy employees.

High-tech content, large-scale production equipment, enterprises ushered in large customers, high-quality customers, long-term customers

    • Since 2002, the annual output of large-scale or advanced NC machining equipment increased exponentially. And some machine tools not meeting the requirements of work-piece processing accuracy eliminated. Advanced international equipment was introduced. So that the advanced level of processing equipment reached the leading level in China. Shearchy made it possible for machine tools to be eliminated. The company’s production capacity and machine tool structure of the overall machining capacity produce a qualitative leap. It greatly ensures the accuracy of the product requirements. So, the product is closer to the international advanced level. With the upgrade and replacement of leading domestic high-end products, with high-tech content, large-scale production equipment, enterprises ushered in large customers, high-quality customers, long-term customers, for the development of the 12th Five-Year Plan and even more than five years laid a solid foundation.

  • Entrepreneurship is arduous, success is happy, in the face of the achievements that have achieved. Shearchy has never been content, toward a higher and farther goal of pioneering. The project of industrialization construction of CNC machine tools with large investment and high output value has list in the development plan. In this case Shearchy needs to construct high-standard flexible machine tool production lines. Shearchy should improve labor productivity, truly realize the specialization, standardization, numerical control and quality of machine tool production. Meanwhile, we make new progress for the development of China’s machine tool industry. Contribution has become the new goal pursued by Shearchy.