Press Brake Machine Center

CNC Press Brake is used to bend metal sheet into various shape work piece in cold state with different molds provided. It is a plate forming machine designed for cold rolling sheet metal processing, widely used in automobile, aircraft manufacturing, light industry, shipbuilding, container, elevator, railway vehicles and other industries.

Electro hydraulic servo CNC Press Brake:

The main cylinders on both sides of bending machine adopt imported electro-hydraulic servo valve and grating ruler synchronously to form closed loop control. The feedback of the machine is accurate and the slider runs accurately, which makes the bending accuracy and the repeated positioning accuracy of the slider high.

Performance Characteristics:

  • Hydraulic automatic compensation system is adopted to solve the influence of sliding block deformation on work piece quality during bending. The compensation quantity is automatically adjusted by the numerical control system, which is convenient and accurate.
  • Adopt a fully functional backstop mechanism, you can choose to control multiple backstop shafts. A functional part in the rear stopper. Such as guide rail, lead screw, bearing, etc. are imported original and can ensure the backstop material accuracy.
  • The machine body adopts the whole welding structure, which is convenient for transportation and processing and can ensure the machine precision.
  • The machine body adopts tempering to eliminate stress and has good stability. With an independent shock – resistant buffer layer, the mute effect is better
  • The hydraulic system adopts the imported integrated control system to reduce pipeline installation and improve the working stability of the machine tool. At the same time, the system has overload overflow safety protection.

Control system:

The numerical control system adopts DELEM of Netherlands and ESA of Italy.

Drive system:

Adopt ABBA ball screw and double linear guide, which can maximum to ensure the accuracy and straightness

Compensation mechanism:

The sliding block and working table are used to realize the compensation of no blind area, so as to guarantee the precision of bending.

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