metal press brake bending machine with compensation for sale

The quality and precision of sheet metal processing are always concerned by the factories. Correct machining operation can greatly improve bending efficiency of press brake machinery.

The importance of effective bending operation

In recent years, more and more factories have begun to pay attention to the choice of equipment, especially its quality and performance. Choosing advanced and reliable processing equipment can not only make the production efficiency higher, but also provide more convenient conditions for the development of the production industry. In addition to CNC bending machine itself, the user’s operation also plays an important role in the process of production. Now, Wuxi Shearchy will teach you how to operate press brake machinery correctly and safely.

How to operate press brake machinery effectively?

  • Safety Precautions and Preparations:

    1. Operate the hydraulic bending machine in strict accordance with safety instructions.
    2. Before the start of production and processing, the workers need to check the application status of CNC bending equipment.
    3. Users must wear professional protective tools.
    4. Choose the appropriate bending die and effective processing plan according to the plate material and work piece forming requirements.
    5. Check the installation of upper and lower die of press brake machine. The mold must reach a certain degree of stability and strength
    6. The upper slider should be in the original position to avoid affecting the processing quality or causing equipment failure due to the movement of the slide.
    7. It is necessary to check the switch and motor running state of the device.
    8. At the same time, check whether the connection of the line is reliable.
    9. Be sure to test the working before bending.

Above methods can ensure the smooth production and processing to avoid potential safety hazards. After doing these preparations, the equipment can be started for production operation.

  • Correct Operations:

  1. Starting up

Firstly, turn on the power. Then turn on the key switch on the control panel. Finally press the oil pump to start.

  1. Stroke adjustment

Pay attention to adjusting the stroke in the use of bending machine. The stroke adjustment is available for quick electric adjustment and manual fine-tuning.

  1. Bending notch selection

The width of the notch is generally 8 times the thickness of the plate.

  1. Back gauge adjustment

The method is the same as sheet metal shear. Generally there are electric quick adjustment and manual fine-tuning.

  1. Foot switch

Step on the foot switch to start bending. Release the foot switch and the press brake stops. Step on it again and the bending machine will continue to work.

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